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Leather Biker forces foot and cock worship

BoundGods is unveiling some new talent this week: Cliff Jensen, all 6’3″ of lean muscle and tattoos, cutting a menacing figure in leather biker gear and hot boots. It’s his first appearance on BG and although he’s going for the tough biker dude, his youth and his fresh face are saying “trust fund fantasy”. But I digress. The fantasy role might miss the mark, but his intensity and his mean streak are apparent from the get go. Cliff (God, I love guys named Cliff) is paired with Troy Daniels, a slim brunette who loves the pain and loves being the bottom submissive. The fantasy depicts biker Cliff meting junior executive Troy for some submission training, and Cliff painfully binds Troy in a hard suspension, teases him with the cattle prob, and gives him a good lashing with a thick leather strap. Things veer off into weirder play, as Cliff wraps Troy in plastic wrap and duct tape and the pair get into some serious breath control games and sloppy foot worship. I’m excited to see Cliff’s debut on the site and and I’m looking forward to more of his hot cock and bad attitude. Click here to see the full 65 minute gay bondage submission video featuring hot foot and cock worship and rough bdsm fucking!

Rough Daddy Cliff Jensen forces cock and foot worship from bottom slut Troy

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Hot pierced cock in CBT plus tickle torture

Master and slave duo Tony and Mikey documented their first go-round with their new bondage chair, and after Mikey has been thoroughly restrained with leather belts, a leather mask and blindfold, Master Tony can’t resist his slave’s big weakness…he’s incredibly ticklish. Mikey howls with laughter and helplessness through his mask as Tony fingers his armpits and ribcage. After he’s feeling lightheaded from all of the laughter, Mikey realizes Tony has put a cable through his prince albert piercing and strung it through his nipple rings, so whenever Tony pulls the string, Mikey gets a sharp yank on his nipples and his cock at the same time! Tony also uses the chair to its maximum benefit, tying off Mikey’s nutsack and giving them a good, hard yank through the hole in the seat. Click here to see the full set of photos plus the hot video of these 24/7 lifestyle players indulging their wildest gay bondage fantasies at!

Hot leather bondage straps and pierced cock CBT

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Fresh Southern Boy bound, spanked and edged until he explodes

Evan Mercy is a new lad around the KinkMen scene, but after this performance, I’m sure demand for his presence is going to go through the roof…He’s a blond with a lean, muscular build and sexy tattoos who snuck away from his girlfriend to make this hardcore video. She must not be into bondage, orgasm denial and headgames, but Evan has found a willing partner in Van Darkholme, who wastes little time stripping the lad naked and getting his dick hard. The first scene is teasing, getting Evan roped and blindfolded, jerking him off and smacking him with the flogger when he can’t see. The second scene is pure bondage poetry…Van uses the red ropes to tie Evan shibari-style and tether him from the rafters, first balanced on one foot and then in full suspension. Evan swings in the air while Van strokes his cock, and he finally thinks he’s about to get release, but Van pulls away to flog his buttocks some more and pull his asscheeks wide apart and probe his straight virgin hole. Finally Van ropes Evan to a stool and gives him almost enough wiggle room to touch his cock, but not quite. Van uses vibrators to get Evan’s cock fully erect and then pumps his cock with his rough, meaty fist while stuffing a fat dildo down Evan’s throat. Evan finally gets to shoot his load, but Van still wants him to pay for it, and he smears a handful of the lad’s cum all over his mouth to get him to eat it, and then in a scene of pure malevolence, Van puts a vibrating cock ring on the still throbbing and tender head of Evan’s cock and walks away, leaving him in post-orgasm torture agony, screaming for mercy. This description doesn’t do it justice. Treat yourself to a membership to see the amazing action and beautiful men bound and abused on this site.

Fresh Southern Boy bound, spanked and edged until he explodes

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Straight Rugby player bound and mercilessly edged in the shower

Colby Jansen in straight, married and a total beefy jock that I want to worship. He makes his gay bondage debut in the locker room of his rugby club after the rest of his teammates have cleared out…he strips down and flexes for the camera and what an amazing body he has. But no matter how big the muscles, Van Darkholme’s ropes always bring a man into line. First Van gets him tied to the lockerroom wall with his meaty forearms roped to his thighs and then he gets Colby’s dick nice and hard with a magic wand vibrator. Colby is really feeling the arousal and he wants to shoot his load, but Van drops his cock and walks away, leaving Colby to desperately wag his cock in the air in the vain search for stimulation. The next scene is a punishment scene, with Colby tied on one leg and Van flogging the hell out of his backside and jacking his cock. Colby is still desperate to pop, but Van is nowhere near finished toying with the brawny jock. Finally the scene shifts into the shower and Colby is tightly roped so he can’t move his arms and he’s pushed under the running water. The water makes the ropes swell and get tighter, and Van forces the straight man to suck a dildo while getting his aching, hard cock stroked. Van builds him up closer and closer to finally climaxing but leaves him short every time. Frustration is growing for Colby and so is the desperation to shoot his cum. Finally, Van allows the muscular jock to cum buckets, but then further torture his extremely sensitive cock post ejaculation. Click here to see this amazing edging bondage video for yourself at

Straight Rugby player bound and mercilessly edged in the shower

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Logan Stevens is captured and edged in the forest

So Logan Stevens was so popular in his summer shoot for Men on Edge, they have released an entirely new bonus scene…Logan, naked in the sun, surrounded by miles of forest and no one to help him as Van ropes him to a makeshift wooden cross and tortures his erect cock. I find this sort of look utterly exhilarating: Logan is roped and blindfolded and Van is locked in on his thick, erect cock. Jacking him off by hand and using a magic wand push Logan to the edge, Van keeps walking away as he’s about to cum. The edging goes on for hours, and eventually Van moves Logan deeper into the forest and actually suspends him from a tree, naked and still with a pulsating dick. Van impales Logan’s ass on a long shaft-mounted dildo like a spear, and keeps ramming the phallus up his ass while jacking his cock, edging him cruelly and repeatedly denying him the pleasure and release of orgasm. Make sure you give yourself the opportunity to watch this full length video, either in the member’s area or on PPV — Logan’s bondage and triumphant final orgasm is breathtaking.

Logan Stevens is captured and edged in the forest

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Water Bondage & Extreme Whipping from Gay War Games

Gay War Games continues to delight with their commitment to extreme twink bondage videos, this week debuting a new trailer for their latest bdsm video “Ransom” featuring a sexy, nubile nasty twink named Aleksandar. The video features the Gay War Games soldiers abducting the twink for a cash ransom, and then getting straight to torturing and punishing their new slave. Tied to a chair, Aleksandar suffers the groping and slapping hands of the homo commandos, who become excited by their cruelty and sadism, whipping out their hard cocks, stroking themselves while slapping Aleksandar and spitting in his face. One of the soldiers breaks out a whip, lashing the helpless twink across the chest and back, while screaming in his face and gobbing spit in his face and mouth. The soldiers next aim is to terrify their twink prisoner psychologically, trussing him by his ankles and dunking him headfirst in a tub of freezing water. The water bondage works, and Aleksandar is screaming and sputtering in terror as his captors laugh, scream and get their hard cocks ready to fuck their prisoner in part 2. Click here to see the Gay War Games Water Bondage sequence featuring Aleksandar and more pain and extreme bondage fucking.

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