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Gasmask and Airplay fetish meet Coffin Bondage

I’ll be the first to admit that gear fetish and rubber/latex/leather are underrepresented on this site…but these guys at SeriousMaleBondage.com are irrepressible and insatiable in their quest for kink. Here’s a great example featuring a dedicated 24/7 player in rubber mummy gear, fitted with a gasmask and laid in a coffin. His master/handler hooks his mask up to a hose and runs it out of the coffin. But just blackout panic, mummification and breathplay aren’t enough for these kinksters. The hose is rigged to a cylinder of nasty looking urine, so the sub in the coffin must inhale a fine pee mist if he wants to keep breathing at all. And just think, that could be your old gym teacher or your insurance agent in there. Anyone could be the rubber breathplay freak in the coffin. Click here to see 300+ videos and photo sets featuring gear lovin’, 24/7 rubber bondage players.

gasmask and airplay fetish meet coffin bondage

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Serious Bondage — Heavy Leather Dentist

J G Leathers takes a trip to the dentist. Well at least this wild man has a dentist chair. He travels with the Creature Light which is a heavy rubber, electrified fucking and sucking hell. The cock piece is a cow milkier with added electricity. There is an electrified sound and various plugs are hidden away. The added bubble bottle makes this total torment uniform suck his nipples into contact with even more electricity. This is a real bondage session between real lifestlye BDSM players as only available from Serious Male Bondage. Enter here to see the entire documented story of JG’s Dental bondage trial.

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Horny Rubber Man struggles to stroke his cock

I just love these completely dedicated rubber bondage fetish enthusiasts…they give their entire lives to chasing the high that comes from complete sensory denial and control over their bodies. And it could be anybody: the high school principal, the fireman, a factory worker, anyone can be this kind of closet freak. This rubber maniac was chained to a wall and left for hours to breathe through a breathing bag…his masters love the breathplay and so does the sub. He struggles to stroke his rubber encased cock, but the suit is too thick, he can get it up, but he must hardly be able to feel any sensation. Can he gratify himself? Click here to see this 24/7 bondage pig’s humiliating bondage breathplay ordeal.

Horny Rubber Man struggles to stroke his cock

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Halloween Hangover: Nightmare Rubber Bondage Session

So I hope you had a very eventful Halloween…to keep the spirit of the season going a little longer, here’s a set of photos from Serious Male Bondage documenting a seriously fucked up Rubber Fetish party. The anonymous miscreant in rubber sports a not-at-all creepy alien mask and full length HazMat gloves to complete his rubber fetish ensemble and his bondage handyman/DIYer buddy straps him into his homemade breath control chair. The chair itself is snaked with pipes hooked up to an oxygen tank, and the sub is locked into place with a gasmask fitted to the air supply. So what’s the fucking craziest part of this scenario…Bondage Alien shows up at the doorstep ready to party, or that there’s a dude with his homemade suffocation chair who’s all “Let’s git’er done!” Seriously, if I was the alien, I wouldn’t expect that trump card and I might give pause before slipping on the skin-tight rubber straight jacket. These 24/7 bondage players…fucking intense. Click here to see the full set of photos plus video from this Rubber Bondage and breath control fetish session.

Nightmarish rubber bondage and breath control

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Serious Rubber Fetish Play

I’m trying to keep the summer spirit going, even though Labour Day is now behind us, but I’m relying on Rank and his band of faithful slaves to keep everyone energized. The sick gentlemen at SeriousMaleBondage.com sent along these images from a recent outdoor pool party featuring 24/7 bondage player Rank and three masked slaves in rubber cavorting in a pool and playing some sexy smothering breath control games. The action is wet as the three splash and tumble in the water, holding each other under, sitting on airways, playing choking games. Click here to check out the video from the entire afternoon of freaky rubber/mask/fetish action!

serious rubber fetish play

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