Forced foot worship and foot gagging

The cops in England have a fierce reputation when it comes to dealing with sexual perverts, although it seems that the worst offenders may be the police themselves. When a dirty old man gets brought in for indecent exposure, there’s a good chance they will be turned over to cops like Nicholas and Toby, who are more like thugs than peace officers, and they relish every opportunity they get to humiliate and shame degenerate perverts caught exposing themselves at playgrounds and schoolyards. In this video, they have a brutish subhuman in their custody, shaved head, hairy back and chest and covered on the most vile vulgar tattoos you could imagine. Toby strips the clod naked and rams his asshole with a nightstick, Nicholas forces him to grovel at his feet and lick his shoes. Soon Nicholas is cramming his bare foot into the arrestee’s mouth until he gags, and both cops laugh when Toby gobs in his face. They can’t decide who gets to footgag him next so they both put their dirty, stinking feet into the wanker’s gob. It’s truly brutal punishment, and the cops jeer and berate the pervert while he hopelessly tries to please them. Click here to watch the complete foot-gagging perversion punishment video.

forced foot worship and foot gagging

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Adorable sailor boys rope and humiliate their bondage slave

Not withstanding their fine displays of brutality and degradation, and their upholding of the tradition of fine English fetish pornography, the boys at sure do love themselves some dressup. Derek and Nick have got themselves a matching pair of snazzy sailor suits and they are strutting around like the cat’s ass, playing with their hats like a couple of schoolboys. When its time to do the deed with their slave, they give him heaping servings of trampling, smothering, teabagging, gobbing, armpit and foot worship. While laying prone, the slave endures Nick and Derek both walking over his chest in their hard-heeled shoes and then he has to kiss and lick their bare feet with his tongue. The naughty sailor boys light up a few cigarettes and puff copious amounts of smoke into the slave’s face and spit beer into his face. Nick gets naked and gets the gimpy bottom into a headlock, pressing his nose into Nick’s musky armpit before Nick drops him on the floor and draped his big, sweaty nutsack all over the fool’s face. Derek and Nick really lay into this pathetic fool, and they look like the world’s most adorable little stinkers! Click here to watch the full gay BDSM domination video.

adorable sailor boys rope and humiliate their bondage slave

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Meek inmate eats ass and drinks piss

It’s nearly lights out at the correctional facility, and the young inmates are being led back to their cell by cruel and perverted guard Chris, who likes to take advantage of the new lads. He usually tag teams them with the help of a few of the other young lads like Toby, Lee and John, who are not only horny, but also angry and eager to punish anyone lower on the social ladder than they are in prison. The chav lads torture the new fish by making him rim out their dirty shitters, while Chris squats on his face and then fucks his ass with a nightstick. Copious urine flows…another brutal, low tech but terrifying gay BDSM ordeal from

new prison inmate jumped and degraded by nightstick wielding guard
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Brutal Top Cops beat and fuck their sex prisoner

bondage pig spitroasted
brutal top cops
brutal tops officer nick
gay bondage slave force hard cock
gay bondage and abuse of authority

Gay Dom Thugs brutalize and punish fresh meat

New extreme gay BDSM site continues to impress…this week’s trailer features psycho gay doms Mike and Darryl working out at the gym, dripping with sweat and tormenting their new submissive slave to act like a dog, and all dogs must be properly trained. The slave, College Boi is forced to craw and lick the asses of his masters, endure floggings and rough bareback assfucking. The entire scene is humiliating, College Boi is reduced to a slobbering animal, completely under the control of his jeering, brutal masters. Enter here to watch more video of gay Dom thugs Mike and Darryl beating up and terrorizing new slave College Boi!

Tattooed gay pain pig brutally punished and dominated

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Jock Sniffing Creep gets a Mouthful of Piss


Sniveling creep Elliot has been lurking around the lockerroom, cautiously waiting until some muscular macho jock drops something or leaves something behind, like a sock, or dirty jockstrap. Elliot gets intensely aroused sniffing the sweaty dirty things of alpha males, and he thinks he has struck gold when tough guy and amateur fighter John leaves behind a pair of underwear. Elliot is deeply inhaling and jacking his pathetic little dick when John comes in and sees the pervert getting off on his stinky undies. The macho man is seething and he starts knocking the cowering sub around, but he wants to punish the craven creep for the invasion of privacy. He ropes Elliot’s dick tightly and applies nipple clamps (maybe standard in men’s lock rooms in the UK?) and forces Elliot to lick his sweaty armpits and tease his nipples. He then bends over and forces Elliot to rim out his ripe asscrack and tongue his hairy asshole. Finally after Elliot has been tossed around and humiliated, John pries his jaws open with a spider gag and unleashes a mighty stream of piss into the pathetic fag slave’s mouth. Much to John’s chagrin, Elliot is jerking his cock furiously as he lets the hot urine gurgle out of his mouth and all over his chest. Looks like John might have to fine tune his approach to punishment! Click here to watch the entire Jock Sniffing, Piss Drinking, Extremely Degrading Gay Fetish video at


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