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Four-way rough bondage fuck and forced cum feeding: New from BrutalTops.com

All is going pretty well for Master Jon at the gym; he’s been scoping out a new potential plaything who has been eying him as well. Jon makes his move, and the mouse takes the bait. Jon strips his victim, now known as “painpig” and uses a shredded t-shirt to blindfold him and plunges his cock deep into his new slave’s ass until the painpig is squealing. The cries of anguish attract attention, and three more horny, raunchy tops apear from the locker room. Seeing the slave tied and blindfolded, how would he know if a few more men to sample hhis ass? The four dom tops line up and each has a go at the broken fuckpig, each fucking his ass breathtakingly roughly. Each of the doms jacks his load into a cup, and the painpig has to sample each batch of sperm and guess which load came from which top. A wrong guess earns him a completely raw fisting, lubed only with the piss of his aggressive masters. An unbelievable sadistic gay bdsm video that I cannot wait to watch again. Watch the entire epic gay bdsm/fisting/humiliation video at BrutalTops.com!

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Brutal Tops force ass worship

The men of Brutal TOps have decided to form a company and charge money for their services. For a fee, they will barge into your home or place of business, insult your furnishings and decor, strip you naked and force you to worship their asses in the most humiliating and degrading way possible. In this promotional video for the service, the men of Brutal Tops force their meek and grovelling client to sniff their stinking armpits and then move down to inhale the odors from their nasty asses. The client starts to retch and recoil, but the tops shove him by the back of the head and force him to rim out the hairy, musky assholes. While the top is being forced to give a rimjob, the other tops encourage him by whipping his backside with a leather belt. When they finally grant a reprieve from his forced rimjob hell, the Brutal Tops allow him to swish his mouth out with a spray of their hot piss. Enter here to see all of the gory details and humiliating tasks the Brutal Tops force their slaves to perform.

sadistic tops force meek bootom slave to worship their asses

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Beleaguered Sub Beaten and filled to the brim with piss


Lucas and Tom have agreed that the rest of the work day can go fuck itself, now that they’ve found pathetic man-toy Elliot to torture instead. Very much the epitome of a chewed up dog toy, Elliot is working hard to please these domineering thugs and earn some mercy, but it’s doubtful his Neanderthal captors have even a fleeting grasp of the concept. Lucas shoves Elliot’s face into Tom’s armpit and commands him to take a big breath. Tom orders Elliot to lick his armpits and clean off his sweaty chest. They throw him on the ground, and Elliot coughs and wheezes. Next they place his pathetic tiny cock under a sheet of glass and walk all over it as it gets flattened like a disgusting garden slug. Tom and Lucas are nearly at a boiling point in terms of their cruelty fueled arousal, and they order Elliot to suck their cocks, and he tries his best until he’s blasted with a jet of hot piss! Tom and Lucas take turns pissing in Elliot’s mouth, filling him up like a dirty old bag, and then toss him on the floor. They are not done humiliating this worthless faggot, that’s for sure! Click here to watch the entire brutal thrashing and forced piss drinking ordeal at BrutalTops.com.


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Workmen Brutalize Pathetic Sub on the Job


New Brutal Tops Masters Lucas and Tom got jobs as labourers for the summer to earn some cash, but as always, they are more on the lookout for opportunities for sexual conquest and humiliation than for any actual labouring. They are called to an athletic facility to do some routine maintenance in the men’s locker room, and they encounter weird, naked, craven sub Elliot there. He puts off the creepiest energy, and these brash tough horny fuckers immediately put a target on his back. They put a dog chain around his neck and slam him on the floor so he can clean their workboots with his tongue. They find a huge dildo lying around and cram it up the sub’s ass and force him to crawl around on the filthy floor. Lucas and Tom are so turned on by Elliot’s suffering and groveling that they pull out their raging hard-ons and ram them into their slave’s drooling mouth until he’s gagging. These fierce young men cannot be stopped by this worthless piece of garbage and they’ll use him up until he’s an empty husk. Click here to see the full video of this brutal forced oral and humiliation session at BrutalTops.com


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Forced foot worship and foot gagging

The cops in England have a fierce reputation when it comes to dealing with sexual perverts, although it seems that the worst offenders may be the police themselves. When a dirty old man gets brought in for indecent exposure, there’s a good chance they will be turned over to cops like Nicholas and Toby, who are more like thugs than peace officers, and they relish every opportunity they get to humiliate and shame degenerate perverts caught exposing themselves at playgrounds and schoolyards. In this video, they have a brutish subhuman in their custody, shaved head, hairy back and chest and covered on the most vile vulgar tattoos you could imagine. Toby strips the clod naked and rams his asshole with a nightstick, Nicholas forces him to grovel at his feet and lick his shoes. Soon Nicholas is cramming his bare foot into the arrestee’s mouth until he gags, and both cops laugh when Toby gobs in his face. They can’t decide who gets to footgag him next so they both put their dirty, stinking feet into the wanker’s gob. It’s truly brutal punishment, and the cops jeer and berate the pervert while he hopelessly tries to please them. Click here to watch the complete foot-gagging perversion punishment video.

forced foot worship and foot gagging

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Adorable sailor boys rope and humiliate their bondage slave

Not withstanding their fine displays of brutality and degradation, and their upholding of the tradition of fine English fetish pornography, the boys at BrutalTops.com sure do love themselves some dressup. Derek and Nick have got themselves a matching pair of snazzy sailor suits and they are strutting around like the cat’s ass, playing with their hats like a couple of schoolboys. When its time to do the deed with their slave, they give him heaping servings of trampling, smothering, teabagging, gobbing, armpit and foot worship. While laying prone, the slave endures Nick and Derek both walking over his chest in their hard-heeled shoes and then he has to kiss and lick their bare feet with his tongue. The naughty sailor boys light up a few cigarettes and puff copious amounts of smoke into the slave’s face and spit beer into his face. Nick gets naked and gets the gimpy bottom into a headlock, pressing his nose into Nick’s musky armpit before Nick drops him on the floor and draped his big, sweaty nutsack all over the fool’s face. Derek and Nick really lay into this pathetic fool, and they look like the world’s most adorable little stinkers! Click here to watch the full gay BDSM domination video.

adorable sailor boys rope and humiliate their bondage slave

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