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New extreme gay BDSM site continues to impress…this week’s trailer features psycho gay doms Mike and Darryl working out at the gym, dripping with sweat and tormenting their new submissive slave to act like a dog, and all dogs must be properly trained. The slave, College Boi is forced to craw and lick the asses of his masters, endure floggings and rough bareback assfucking. The entire scene is humiliating, College Boi is reduced to a slobbering animal, completely under the control of his jeering, brutal masters. Enter here to watch more video of gay Dom thugs Mike and Darryl beating up and terrorizing new slave College Boi!

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Sniveling creep Elliot has been lurking around the lockerroom, cautiously waiting until some muscular macho jock drops something or leaves something behind, like a sock, or dirty jockstrap. Elliot gets intensely aroused sniffing the sweaty dirty things of alpha males, and he thinks he has struck gold when tough guy and amateur fighter John leaves behind a pair of underwear. Elliot is deeply inhaling and jacking his pathetic little dick when John comes in and sees the pervert getting off on his stinky undies. The macho man is seething and he starts knocking the cowering sub around, but he wants to punish the craven creep for the invasion of privacy. He ropes Elliot’s dick tightly and applies nipple clamps (maybe standard in men’s lock rooms in the UK?) and forces Elliot to lick his sweaty armpits and tease his nipples. He then bends over and forces Elliot to rim out his ripe asscrack and tongue his hairy asshole. Finally after Elliot has been tossed around and humiliated, John pries his jaws open with a spider gag and unleashes a mighty stream of piss into the pathetic fag slave’s mouth. Much to John’s chagrin, Elliot is jerking his cock furiously as he lets the hot urine gurgle out of his mouth and all over his chest. Looks like John might have to fine tune his approach to punishment! Click here to watch the entire Jock Sniffing, Piss Drinking, Extremely Degrading Gay Fetish video at


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Sadistic, perverted gay doms Dave and Darren are itching to take out their frustrations on a new victim in the latest video from Brutal Tops…Stalking around at the gym for a victim, they find an older dude working out by himself and they pounce. Soldier Dave has committed unspeakable acts on the front, and he craves recreating his depraved fantasies every time he takes a new prisoner. Dave strips the submissive pain pig, and forces him to suck off his partner Darren’s dick while whipping him across the back, ass, and legs. Dave shoves his captive’s face down on Darren’s cock until he’s choking on the balls, while Dave screams in his ear. It’s intense, stomach turning humiliation and abuse from my favourite new gay BDSM site… Watch the entire epic gay bdsm/humiliation video at!

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Vicious Top bends his Slave over a Urinal and Fucks him like a Jackhammer


Vicious Jack is back on Gay Bondage Lessons and ready to unleash his psychotic sexuality on his simpering, pathetic slave in the public toilet. After forcing the slave’s head into the urinal and ordering him to lick it, Jack mounts him from behind, stuffing his throbbing erection into the slave’s tight, unwilling hole. Jack never has let a stubborn cunt reject his throbbing cock and he just rams harder, knocking the slave to his back and lording over him; Jack re-enters his slave from on top and punishes him like a piledriver, thrusting his damaged rear with increasing ferocity until he can’t hold back any longer and Jack shoots a coating of thick, sticky jizz all over the sub’s face. Click here to watch Jack get out all of his anger on the humiliated, submissive faggot at


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Beleaguered Sub Beaten and filled to the brim with piss


Lucas and Tom have agreed that the rest of the work day can go fuck itself, now that they’ve found pathetic man-toy Elliot to torture instead. Very much the epitome of a chewed up dog toy, Elliot is working hard to please these domineering thugs and earn some mercy, but it’s doubtful his Neanderthal captors have even a fleeting grasp of the concept. Lucas shoves Elliot’s face into Tom’s armpit and commands him to take a big breath. Tom orders Elliot to lick his armpits and clean off his sweaty chest. They throw him on the ground, and Elliot coughs and wheezes. Next they place his pathetic tiny cock under a sheet of glass and walk all over it as it gets flattened like a disgusting garden slug. Tom and Lucas are nearly at a boiling point in terms of their cruelty fueled arousal, and they order Elliot to suck their cocks, and he tries his best until he’s blasted with a jet of hot piss! Tom and Lucas take turns pissing in Elliot’s mouth, filling him up like a dirty old bag, and then toss him on the floor. They are not done humiliating this worthless faggot, that’s for sure! Click here to watch the entire brutal thrashing and forced piss drinking ordeal at


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