Macho tops degrade their whimpering slave with hot piss

Actually, degrade isn’t nearly a strong enough word. Words are wasted on this epic new trailer from Brutal Tops. Peter and Errol absolutely dominate their captive, stretching out his anus to catch their piss, boot licking, golden showers, piss drinking…Perhaps the best word to describe it, if there is a single word is contempt. Utter contempt, not just for the twink sub crawling around on knees and elbows at the end of a leash through pools of urine, but for everything we consider proper civilized society. This video demonstrates just how foul and dark their hearts are, and how they know we’re happy to crawl through the gutter with them. Perhaps the Brutal Tops can control and dominate me from so far away, because I am completely entranced by this video and I need to see more. Enter here to see the full video of Peter and Errol aggressively dominating their slave with physical force and psychological brutality.

Macho tops degrade their whimpering slave with hot piss

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Brutal Humiliation in the Toilet


Jack is a face we haven’t seen in a while at Brutal Tops, but his return is exceedingly welcomed. He’s a working class thug who loves to terrorize faggots, queers and any man who isn’t oozing machismo. One of his favourite tactics is to loiter in public toilets and pretend to flirt, and when an unlucky stiff takes the bait and flirts back, Jack crashes down on them like a ton of bricks. He preys on on the weak, and unfortunately for sub Elliot, he stepped right into the trap. Jack overwhelms Elliot and forces him to strip naked while putting a heavy dog collar and chain around his neck. Treating him like a tortured beast, Jack whips Elliot and orders him to lick the filthy toilet bowl and the floor. Then Jack crushes Elliot’s soft cock under his work boot. Elliots cries are deafening, but Jack keeps snarling and spitting abuse and degradation at the fey man. Dildo training is next, and Jack forces Elliot to sit on an extra fat dildo and stretch his asshole to the max! Elliot howls like he’s going to split in two! Finally, Jack needs to take a piss so he whips out his uncut cock and sprays a stream of dirty urine directly into Elliot’s face, forcing him to dirk every last disgusting drop. If you love to see overwhelming displays of sexual dominance and degradation, you need to be checking out Brutal Tops!


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Toe sucking slave forced to drink piss

Pathetic sub Elliott knows he’s in for severe humiliation at the hands of Master Wayne. Naked and afraid, he quivers in a corner of the office as his well-tailored boss returns, presumably displeased with Elliott’s work – again. Master Wayne is going to teach Elliott obedience and submission once and for all, and he begins by forcing the sub to lick his boots. After undressing his Master, Elliott rolls on his back and is forced to suck Wayne’s smelly toes and feet. Hearing the sub’s quiet objections, Wayne brandishes a huge dildo – he will train Elliott to take oral properly! As Wayne face-fucks Elliott roughly with the dildo, the pathetic sub can’t take it – he throws up all over the floor; not content to leave the sniveling sub alone, Wayne orders Elliott to shove the puke-covered dildo up his ass. The final humiliation comes as Elliott take a mouth full of piss from Wayne, who has already had 3 cups of coffee. After Elliott sucks the last of the piss off Master Wayne’s cock, he is left in a heap in his own mess.

toe sucking slave

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Perverted Ruggers torture and humiliate their sex-pig slave

Guy and Derek are a pair of the dirtiest bastards you will ever come across, whether its on the rugby pitch or in the lockerroom, or the clubhouse, these two alpha males are nasty pigs, only interested in winning and making the loser look bad. Indulging their appetite for cruelty and degradation is the only thing that matters to them, and in this video, they return triumphant from their latest rugby match, but the testosterone and adrenalin is still coursing through their veins and they have so much more cruelty and humiliation to deliver. They think ahead though, and they keep a nasty, brutish thug sex pig stashed in the locker room to sponge up their abuse and cruelty. Derek and Guy get their kits off, and the muscular jocks are covered with grime — time for the slave to clean them off with his tongue. In the trademark humiliating move, the tops shove the slave face first into their armpits, asscracks and feet, forcing the slob to lick them clean. They can’t believe this wanker would lower himself to act like a dog without putting up a fight, and the testosterone fueled bullied lay into the slaves, kicking him with their clears and slapping him like a bitch. They spank his hairy ass and fuck him from both ends, making sure he gets an ugly, messy mouthful of cum when they’re finished. Click here to watch the full scene of brutal sex and humiliation at

perverted ruggers torture and humiliate their sex-pig slave

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More brutal locker room bdsm and humiliation

Brutal Tops is here to give you incentive to get off the couch an off to the gym this weekend. Maybe you’ll encounter macho thug doms Terrance and Peter this weekend and they’ll be gracious enough to give you a personal training session. Check out their fitness demo in this trailer: Their client is made to do pushups and he gets a lash for each good one he does, with some bonus bootlicking for extra humiliation training. Next up is sit-ups, with Terrance and Peter taking turns bending over and getting a hot ass licking every time their slave hits the top of the move. Finally. get ready to feel the burn, as they get the sleave positioned for Squats over a huge dildo. He’s gotta go down and take that dildo up his ass and then get up and get a reward from crazy animal Terrance. Click here to check out these sadistic dom thugs terrorizing this agonized bottom slut at!

brutal thugs torture and abuse slave in the locker room

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Brutal Tops know everything about degrading worthless subs

Master Daryl has a great new boi whore he’s planning on selling to a gang of Russian pimps, but he can’t resist partying down with the merchandise before making the sale. He gets the terrified twink into his gym and orders him to strip naked and give him a sexy lap dance. The twink is terrified beyond belief and cannot muster anything close to sexy, and Master Daryl unleashes a rain of ferocious blows with his riding crop. Daryl flicks cigar ashes in the twink’s face, gobs spit and beer all over him and smears food all over his body. Daryl is unbelievably cruel deviant and his horrible perversions are on full display in this shocking gay bdsm video. Download the shocking, offensive new public gay BDSM videos from Brutal Tops.

Brutal Tops know everything about degrading and dominating worthless subs

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