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Dirty Old Man drinks the piss of youth

Posted in BDSM, Bondage, fetish, Public Humiliation on May 23rd, 2014 by gbladmin

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I am very tickled with the (mostly) original premise from this week’s Brutal Tops episode. The most twee brutal top ever, Billy, is getting ready for swim practice in the locker room while getting eyefucked by an incredibly dodgy old fuck. The old man stands there naked, rubbing his cock and playing with his nipples while watching Billy get into his speedo. Billy gets on the phone and calls Derek, the swim team coach/lifeguard to report the incident, and seconds later an enraged Derek (who oddly went by Bryan when he was getting fucked on Straight Hell last week) barges in and starts booting the crap out of the skeevy old perv. Billy and another teammate of his join in punishing the old man, binding him in plastic clingfilm and forcing him to wriggle around on the floor like a worm. Sick young minds are full of creativity though, and Billy and Steve get the old fart up on his knees and jam a funnel under the cling film and then all three tops piss into the funnel so the urine forms a film around the old shit’s body. From there, the old man is forced to lick piss off the floor, lick his tormentor’s dirty feet and assholes and endure footgagging and trampling. This is one of the better Brutal Tops scenes I’ve seen in weeks, and although they are yet again recycling bottoms from Straight Hell to perform as Brutal Tops, Billy and Bryan/Derek are up to the task. Click here to watch the full gay perversion and BDSM video inside.

decrepit pervert gets pissed on and foot gagged by lithe young swimmers

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Adorable sailor boys rope and humiliate their bondage slave

Posted in BDSM, Bondage, fetish, Public Humiliation on May 1st, 2014 by gbladmin

Not withstanding their fine displays of brutality and degradation, and their upholding of the tradition of fine English fetish pornography, the boys at sure do love themselves some dressup. Derek and Nick have got themselves a matching pair of snazzy sailor suits and they are strutting around like the cat’s ass, playing with their hats like a couple of schoolboys. When its time to do the deed with their slave, they give him heaping servings of trampling, smothering, teabagging, gobbing, armpit and foot worship. While laying prone, the slave endures Nick and Derek both walking over his chest in their hard-heeled shoes and then he has to kiss and lick their bare feet with his tongue. The naughty sailor boys light up a few cigarettes and puff copious amounts of smoke into the slave’s face and spit beer into his face. Nick gets naked and gets the gimpy bottom into a headlock, pressing his nose into Nick’s musky armpit before Nick drops him on the floor and draped his big, sweaty nutsack all over the fool’s face. Derek and Nick really lay into this pathetic fool, and they look like the world’s most adorable little stinkers! Click here to watch the full gay BDSM domination video.

adorable sailor boys rope and humiliate their bondage slave

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Brutal gay bdsm pony training

Posted in BDSM, Bondage, fetish, Public Humiliation on April 23rd, 2014 by gbladmin

This clip was hard to watch by any standard. When I think of pony training, what mostly comes to mind is femdom stuff…chicks in leather riding their fat old sweaty johns. I can’t recall seeing too much of it in gay porn, and never to this extreme. Of course, brutal tops is all about taking things to previously unseen extremes, and the ponyboy training featured in this clip is utterly devastating. First off, Nick and Lee are both legit tough guys with good, strong, working class bodies…not body builders, but they could easily kick your ass. They are training their slave in the dirt, all three of them are naked, getting filthy, and the dom tops ride around on the nameless slave’s back, exhausting him to the point of collapse. The tops then gleefully whip his backside with riding crops, and there is no hesitation, no holding back. The are whipping this poor bastard as hard as they possibly can. They piss in his food and make him eat it. They piss in his face and cover him with mud. They butt out cigarettes on his tongue! Can you watch the entire trailer? Can you watch the entire movie? Click here to see the full video and see if you can handle it.

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brutal gay bdsm pony training

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Brutal Top Cops beat and fuck their sex prisoner

Posted in BDSM, Bears and Daddies, Bondage, fetish, military fetish, Public Humiliation on March 26th, 2014 by gbladmin

bondage pig spitroasted
brutal top cops
brutal tops officer nick
gay bondage slave force hard cock
gay bondage and abuse of authority

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Intimidated and Humiliated

Posted in BDSM, fetish, Public Humiliation on January 24th, 2014 by gbladmin

It’s great to be back after such a long vacation! Thanks to everyone who kept visiting the site, even though the updates have been pretty scarce over the last three weeks or so, but I am back with a vengeance with a trailer clip from The incorrigible youth offenders have been egged on by their buff corrections officers at the lockup facility, especially Officer Terry, who is always stirring up shit. They get a new face on the cell block and this gang of troublemakers are eager to break him in and own him. He’s a lot older, and fatter, with a body that speaks of glory days long past; the lads decide he needs to get back into shape before he’s worthy of fucking, so its endless drilling a physical training for the poor slob. Each of the boys squats over his face and force him to clean their nasty assholes with is tongue. Its physical and psychological domination we love from BrutalTops…enter here to see these cruel English thugs at their sadistic best!

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nasty juvenile inmates haze and intimidate the new fish

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Sadistic Tops mock and degrade their subhuman slaves

Posted in BDSM, Bears and Daddies, Bondage, fetish, Public Humiliation on January 21st, 2014 by gbladmin

God, how good is it to be stroking it to Brutal Tops? I really love the jag they are on now, featuring Billy, Guy and Nick utterly degrading and humiliating a pair of ugly sex pigs to the point of being completely robbed of their humanity. I swear to God, I have no idea what sewer or pig farming operation these to subs crawled from, but make no mistake, they are not coming from proper civilized society. They are roughly humanoid, covered with vulgar, amateur tattoos and copious amounts of body hair, and they are utterly subservient to superior male specimens like our fit, strong and sharp witted doms. Nick is the most vicious of the three, kicking the slaves in the guts and forcing foot worship before all three tops join in and shower their mutant sex slaves with buckets of piss. Nick, Billy and Guy egg each other on, daring each other to stick their cocks into the filthy beasts. First they get blowjobs, then Nick and Guy each mount one of the hairy animals, wildly fucking the grotesque monsters in the ass until they spew buckets of cum across their backsides. You won’t believe what kind of filth is lurking inside: click here to watch the full length gay BDSM video.

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sadistic tops mock and degrade their subhuman slaves

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