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Business men terrorize the copy boy

Dean, Derek and Steve are hotshot traders in a booming hedge-fund office and while the economy goes to shit, the strut around like their shit doesn’t stink because their numbers are up 15% over last year. Are they cooking the books or double dealing? You’ll never find out, because as soon as they get a whiff of you looking at them cross-ways, these bullies in suits will knock you on your ass and take a piss on you. This is a video that they recently shot in the office where they “hazed” the new office runner…this is what these jackals consider harmless fun. After stripping him naked in the office and whipping his backside until its red and turning purple, they tape the fucker’s mouth shut so he can’t scream and shove his nose up each one of their own asscracks so the meek office boy can get a smell of what a real man’s shit is supposed to smell like, ans opposed to some other kind of non-manly shit, but WTF? After that bit of humiliation, the sub if forced to give their shoes a slobbering spitshine with his tongue while they aggressively finger fuck him. Click here to see more of this wildly obnoxious brutal gay BDSM video.

a gang of suits humiliate and abuse their terrified coworker

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Sissy Twink forced to rim out Dom Thug’s hairy asshole

Master Terrance and Master Peter have a sissy twink on a leash to torment in the football club locker room. Muscular Terrance wants to play but Peter has to get out on the pitch for football practice. The sissy twink is forced to lick out Peter’s stinking armpits while he gets into uniform, and Terrence yanks the chain around the bottom slave’s neck. Peter forces the twink onto his back and Peter squats over his face to get his hairy, sweaty asshole rimmed out. The twink squirms and tries to fight, but Terrance slaps him and keeps him in line. The full video contains way more verbal abuse, hot gobbing and piss play action — click here to see the savage intensity of Terrance and Peter at BrutalTops.com!

sissy fag rims out top thugs dirty asshole

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Cruel English School Bullies torment classmate

Upperclassmen Derek, Steve and Guy have been placed in charge of the detention hall of their English boarding school and they have immediately become drunk with power. Normally they are the boisterous bullies of their campus, and they strike fear into the hearts of the smaller, bookish lads taking classes. On this afternoon though, the trio of hellbound roustabouts corner Josh, a particularly pasty and awkward lad in the detention hall. After stripping him naked, they get him roped up and throw him onto an old mattress and rip off his underwear. Guy unveils his latest hazing toy, a pole mounted vibrator and he shoves it up the pale lad’s ass, fucking him vigorously. Steve kneels in front of Josh’s face with his trousers down and Derek mashes the twink’s nose and mouth into Steve’s sweaty, nasty ass crack. Steve and Guy switch off on dildo duties so Guy can whip the soles of Josh’s feet with the headmaster’s cane and Derek whips out his fat cock so his slave can suck him off. Steve and Guy pull out their own cocks and wank and wait for their own chance to fuck Josh’s sweet mouth. Click here to watch the complete cruel schoolboy BDSM video!

aggressive young tops dominate and humiliate their twinky classmate

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Blue collar sadists abuse and humiliate their slave

Nick and Lee are total shits when it comes to breaking in a new guy on the construction site. They give every newbie shit, and today, they go overboard to an absurd degree. They strip the new guy naked, take turns paddling his ass, drag him around by a leash, force him to rim them out and lick their sweaty armpits, and slurp up gob after gob of slimy spit. Nick and Lee are beyond perverted, or even deranged. The insane amount of glee they experience at the humiliation and agony of their slave is horrifying and sickening. Of course, I rewatched this trailer about 30 times before posting it and I am going to spend the whole afternoon watching these sick fucks dominate and punish their helpless bondage plaything. Click here to see these blue collar sadists punishing and humiliating their victim in full length HD video!

rough blue collar sadists abuse and humiliate their slave

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Brutal Tops spitroast timid twink

BrutalTops has sent out another trailer featuring action from their latest weekly update, this week featuring Terrence and Khaled manhandling and abusing a skinny twink they found lurking around the shower room of their gym Terrance has the hottest body seen so far on Brutal Tops, and he’s got a fucking, arrogant nasty attitude to go with it. Khaled is into getting rimmed, and he squats over the face of his submissive new conquest and forces the young dude to thoroughly tongue his hole. Khaled and Terrance tag team the suffering bottom from both ends, and while the bondage and SM elements were lacking in this trailer, the full video boasts tons of the trademark vicious verbal abuse, lots of gobbing and piss drinking that Brutal Tops does better than anyone else. Click here see lots more free trailers from Brutal Tops featuring BDSM, nasty pissing and gobbing action, and abject humiliation of their timid slave bois.

gym rat thugs abuse and terrorize fresh twink

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Shower Room Slave

Errol and Peter will use any excuse to punk out a weak bitch at the gym. After a workout, Errol is feeling pumped up and domineering, and his mate Peter finds a sissy lurking in the showers and drags him into the locker room . Errol demands the simpering bitch clean him off with his tongue and Peter makes sure the cowering lad uses his tongue to clean every inch of dark flesh, paying close attention to Errol’s armpits and sweaty groin. The perverted tops jeer their sissy punk bitch and force him to perform rimjobs on both of them, licking out their hairy, stinking assholes thoroughly and seemingly forever! The punishment finally relents a little when the sissy boy is merely forced to suck his cruel captor’s cocks until they shoot utter torrents of cum into his face and down his throat! Just another great of example of how Brutal Tops might not have a ton of gimmicks and gadgets, but their attitudes and their cruelty make their brand of domination just as sadistic and fearsome as any other producer. Click here to see the full gay domination video!

pervert tops force meek bottom to rim and gulp spooge