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Delinquent Schoolboy Stripped, Probed and Fucked


Schoolboy Charlie puts on a disguise every day at school. To the teachers, administration and older boys he admires, he’s polished and full of respect and “Yes Sir”. When he’s away from supervision and near those he deems below him or unworthy, he turns into a right bastard, spewing profanity and bigoted hatred. Coincidentally Dave and Adrian have just joined the custodial staff of the school and they quickly sniff out this rotten little prick. After catching Charlie abusing one of his younger, poorer classmates, Dave and Adrian lock in on him for punishment and behavioural correction. They rope him with his feet in the air and his ass pointing invitingly upwards. Enraged, Charlie curses a blue streak at his captors, causing them to break out laughing as they slap a piece of duct tape over his mouth. They slap him across the ass and tickle his feet before cutting away his trousers and fingering his tight, puckered asshole. Dave and Adrian apply an electro stimulation want to Charlie’s cock and a dildo in his ass. He screams through the gag, but its drowned out by maniacal laughter. Adrian unsheathes his cock and plunges it deep into Charlie’s virgin asshole, ruthlessly fucking him and then leaving a messy wad of cum all over his hairy ass. Wait until Dave gets his turn! Click here to watch the entire video of BDSM virgin Charlie getting abducted, bound, tortured and fucked at BreederFuckers!


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Thick Dicked jock crucified and beaten at Dream Boys

DreamBoy Bondage has a very hot young man in the dungeon with a very titillating backstory. Thomas was classed as a sex offender four years ago, after a young girl he was dating ended up pregnant. Her powerful father worked his connections and got Thomas in trouble with the law on trumped up charges. He was sentenced to a year, and it was a year of near constant torture. After his release, he’s been on a downward spiral, and now, nearly a half-decade later, he finds himself in the same torture cell with his terrifying tormentor. Thomas is tied on the horizontal X-cross and stripped naked — and what a bulging cock he has! In fact, despite his trouble, his body is still muscular and beautiful. His beating is especially cruel: a steel pipe has been wrapped in foam and used to beat Thomas across his abs! He’s writhing in pain and begging for the beating to stop, but there’s no hope, the torture session has barely begun. To make matters worse, heavy-duty clamps are pinching the head of his cock and scrotum. The beating finally stops and they leave Thomas for hours while the pain from the clamps set in. Click here to see part 1 and 2 of Thomas’s cruel torment in the DreamBoy Bondage torture cell.


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Silly Bondage scene turns painful by the end!

One of my biggest criticisms of Gay War Games over the years has been that they have no problem attracting good looking models, but they assume too much about their abilities as bondage tops. Case in point: this morning they debuted a new series, “Fucking Millions” featuring a douchebag eurotrash musclebro lounging in his penthouse counting his piles of cash from war profiteering…they’ve come so far from their humble roots haven’t they? Little does Mr. Big Pimpin’ know, but he’s being being observed by a hulking rebel soldier who’s eager to get some payback from this son of a bitch who’s been getting so rich off the endless civil war. Here’s the silly part — the soldier is huge and brawny and could easily be tossing the douchbag around the room, even though the newly minted slave is a big boy himself. But it’s a lot of cursing, waving money in the businessman’s face, waggling his phone in his face (WTF?) and trying to scare the now-duct taped captive with the flame of a tiny lighter. Incredibly silly and eye-rolling for serious bondage lovers. But then it starts getting interesting.

The soldier ropes up the douchebag’s cock, and he gets it tied up really tightly, and he’s not really that gentle when he’s yanking it to and fro. It’s looking genuinely quite painful, and he’s not relenting while he’s playfully slapping his captive across the face with a whip. The flaccid penis is getting stretched to its limit and this scene from ho-hum to suddenly interesting. Could this brawny soldier know what he’s doing, or is this a case of the he-man not knowing his own strength and injecting the scene with some genuine risk? See for yourself and watch the silly-then-sizzling CBT bondage scene at GayWarGames!


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Buff Jock is the Biggest Crybaby

One of the best things I like about Dream Boy Bondage is the authenticity — they are finding guys with model looks, but who don’t have much, or any, bondage experience, and more to the point, most of them are straight guys who are completely uncomfortable about getting naked around other guys or having any sexual content with another man. DreamBoy also likes to take their shoots to the extreme — hours and hours of these slaves being held in painful stress positions, fighting through the pain, plus dealing with their own psychological discomfort of being involuntarily aroused by another man. In this video, Chris is chained to the wall and serving his sentence in the DBB dungeon, except he’s wailing like a schoolgirl after, like, 3 nipple clamps? One clothespin to the scrotum? Where did they find this guy? Sure, he has a perfect, lean swimmer’s build and lovely blond surfer hair (not to mention perfect teeth), but he certainly seems like some privileged douchebag bro crying like a baby at the slightest hint of pain. Either this is going to be an excruciating session as his whining grows interminable, or his plaintive wails will fuel the fire for something epic, driving his tormentor to inflict more and more punishment to drive this entitled prick off a cliff? Log into DreamBoyBondage to see Chris cringing in fear at the electro-wand and jumping with fright at each pinch of the clamp on his precious skin.


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Connor Maguire gets a Full Measure of Punishment

30 Minutes of Torment has been holding out on us! House Dom and Ginger God Connor Maguire shot a scene as a sub under Vand Darkholme over a year ago and the tricksters at Kink.com have been sitting on it all this time! But what a christmas present for us — Connor is in the Bamboo Garden, tied at the wrists and facing Van, taking slaps and punches to the midsection and chest. His erection is huge and bouncing every time Van delivers a knife edge chop to his taut belly. After absorbing all of that initial punishment, its time for Connor to feel the pain of the cane lashing his hairy, muscular ass. Van checks his watch and its time to move on to the next level: The Pit. Connor is hung with belts and he’s balancing precariously from his tip-toes while a machine-mounted dildo thrusts upwards into his ass. He’s perfectly positioned for Van to mercilessly beat him with a pair of floggers — and still that huge hard cock is unbeatable. Next Van moves him to the Water Station, where Connor withstands a Cheneyian amount of vertical waterboarding, high pressure hose blasts and simulated drowning, while having his cock bound with twine that cuts into the flesh every time he twists or recoils from the hose blast. He’s an unstoppable force! Finally, Connor is released and earns his right to cum, and its a gusher! Click here to see the full extent of Bondage God Connor Maguire’s 30 Minutes of Torment!



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Christian Wilde fights through excruciating edging torture

Kink.com hosted a slumber party for the boys at Men on Edge and decided to live stream it for all of their fans. Christian Wilde was the main attraction and soon Van Darkholme, Dylan Knight and Sebastian Keys had him roped to the bed with his clothes torn off, exposing his beautiful, engorged cock. While Sebastian and Dylan take turns licking his nipples and worshiping his feet, Van Darkholme concentrates on overstimulating Christian’s hard dick. Christian wriggles and giggles as he’s helplessly brought to the edge of orgasm and suddenly left hanging until Van finally shows mercy and milks a gusher out of his tortured cock. Since the evening’s still young, they decide Dylan’s up next and Christian helps Van and Sebastian rope him and suspend the young cutie from the ceiling and everyone takes turns working his cock. Van even squeezes Dylan’s tender glans between two Hitachi wands and keeps pushing him until he’s begging to cum. What a night! Finally everyone’s satisfied and grinning like idiots amid the puddles of cum in their post orgasmic haze. Click here to watch the full 66 minute edging video!


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