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Straight lad Joel reaches peak torture intensity

Joel’s torment at BreederFuckers.com is about to reach new depths. He’s genuinely pissed off and angry with Adrian, who blissfully goes about his business roping the straight slave’s wrists and ankles and then caning Joel’s inner thighs and bare feet. Joel howls like a trapped animal, even trying to bite Adrian, who simply removes the threat by stuffing a gag in the straight lad’s mouth. Adrian’s an old hand at topping these straight boys in the most extreme BDSM scenes. He uses clothespegs to clamp Joel’s nipples, scrotum and foreskin; Joel’s genitals are roped and tied from above, stretching Joel’s junk, especially his foreskin to painful and barely tenable limits. Joel continues to wail and scream through his gag, and Adrian uses his new access to Joel’s hole to slam a fat dildo deep into the slave. Joel thrashes and Adrian finally removes the gag, getting an earful of curses, threats and bile. Such a dirty mouth is not tolerable to Adrian, and he shows Joel how to behave by washing his mouth out with soap, like he was a little schoolboy. It’s a fantastic slave training video and is available for download here.

Straight lad Joel reaches peak torture intensity

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BreederFuckers Will gets CBT, Hard Caning & Rough Fucksaw


Will’s ordeal at BreederFruckers is hitting its crescendo — he’s been transitioned to a hospital bed and Dave and Adrian are playing at being physicians studying him like a test subject. They’ve already been all over every inch of him, inside and out, but now they are treating him like a medical subject, very reminiscent of CMNM, fondling and weighing his balls, stretching and sniffing his dick etc, but then it gets very BreederFuckers. Will’s long cock gets the chopstick-and-rubber band treatment, and it looks so painful as his poor cock is bulging between its rigid restraints. Next, Dave puts Will’s big heavy balls in a vise-style ballcrusher and squeezes them down until they are mushed and throbbing and Will is crying for mercy. Dave and Adrian are in no such mood, and the chatty bastards continue to torture Will’s flaccid cock with clothespins. They yank Will’s legs over his head and get him ready for some very intrusive anal penetration with a dildo mounted on a fucksaw and Dave can’t help himself — when he sees Will’s tender and vulnerable buttocks, he has to whip them mercilessly with his cane. I wrote a longer piece on Will’s enslavement as a medical test subject and included a trailer at my BreederFuckers Blog, but if you want to skip right to the action and watch Dave and Adrian gleefully torture and sodomize this broken beauty, click here for BreederFuckers.





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Hung Youngster gets fucked with Giant Dildo at BreederFuckers


Young and Hung Will continues his obedience training at the BreederFuckers Dungeon with Master Dave controlling his every move. With a gag stuffed in his mouth and a hook inserted into his ass, Will is being taught to stay quiet and still and take his punishment like a good boy, but there’s still too much fight in this little chav scumbag. After battering the slave with a thick leather strap, Dave switches tactics and shoves a giant rubber dong up Will’s tight hetero asshole and uses a long handle to wield to dildo like a spear. That really turns a switch inside Will’s head, and now the former wild child is whimpering and wanting mercy, but Dave makes him pump his ass back and forth on the dildo to get his hole really loosened up. Adrian arrives next to liven things up, focusing on teasing Will’s reluctant cock until he’s thick and hard and ready to ejaculate into his gay tormentor’s hand. These two sadistic perverts are relentless when they are humiliating young straight studs in the dungeon. I wrote a longer post and included a trailer on my BreederFuckers fan blog here, or you can go straight to BreederFuckers and download the full scene here!





Young British Lads Fucked and Humiliated in Every Way Imaginable!

Jock Sniffing Creep gets a Mouthful of Piss


Sniveling creep Elliot has been lurking around the lockerroom, cautiously waiting until some muscular macho jock drops something or leaves something behind, like a sock, or dirty jockstrap. Elliot gets intensely aroused sniffing the sweaty dirty things of alpha males, and he thinks he has struck gold when tough guy and amateur fighter John leaves behind a pair of underwear. Elliot is deeply inhaling and jacking his pathetic little dick when John comes in and sees the pervert getting off on his stinky undies. The macho man is seething and he starts knocking the cowering sub around, but he wants to punish the craven creep for the invasion of privacy. He ropes Elliot’s dick tightly and applies nipple clamps (maybe standard in men’s lock rooms in the UK?) and forces Elliot to lick his sweaty armpits and tease his nipples. He then bends over and forces Elliot to rim out his ripe asscrack and tongue his hairy asshole. Finally after Elliot has been tossed around and humiliated, John pries his jaws open with a spider gag and unleashes a mighty stream of piss into the pathetic fag slave’s mouth. Much to John’s chagrin, Elliot is jerking his cock furiously as he lets the hot urine gurgle out of his mouth and all over his chest. Looks like John might have to fine tune his approach to punishment! Click here to watch the entire Jock Sniffing, Piss Drinking, Extremely Degrading Gay Fetish video at BrutalTops.com


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Beleaguered Sub Beaten and filled to the brim with piss


Lucas and Tom have agreed that the rest of the work day can go fuck itself, now that they’ve found pathetic man-toy Elliot to torture instead. Very much the epitome of a chewed up dog toy, Elliot is working hard to please these domineering thugs and earn some mercy, but it’s doubtful his Neanderthal captors have even a fleeting grasp of the concept. Lucas shoves Elliot’s face into Tom’s armpit and commands him to take a big breath. Tom orders Elliot to lick his armpits and clean off his sweaty chest. They throw him on the ground, and Elliot coughs and wheezes. Next they place his pathetic tiny cock under a sheet of glass and walk all over it as it gets flattened like a disgusting garden slug. Tom and Lucas are nearly at a boiling point in terms of their cruelty fueled arousal, and they order Elliot to suck their cocks, and he tries his best until he’s blasted with a jet of hot piss! Tom and Lucas take turns pissing in Elliot’s mouth, filling him up like a dirty old bag, and then toss him on the floor. They are not done humiliating this worthless faggot, that’s for sure! Click here to watch the entire brutal thrashing and forced piss drinking ordeal at BrutalTops.com.


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Relentless Sadists Dehumanize and Fuck their Jock Slave


Dave and Adrian are extremely happy to have another go at big black stud Joseph. They let him wriggle off the hook a few weeks ago and he seems to pick up the pieces and get on with his life after being extremely violated and humiliated. They found Joseph again at the basketball court and snatched him back to the dungeon for systematic degradation, humiliation and torture. Adrian gags the black slave and rips off his clothing, allowing the bald sadist to grope Joseph’s big, full balls. David takes a big heavy leather strap and beats the black stud’s ass mercilessly until Joseph is crying begging for him to stop. Adrian cackles like a nutter and shoves a big thick dildo up Joseph’s shitter and keeps pushing it deeper even as Joseph cries and drools through his gag. Dave keeps punishing Joseph’s ass with the leather strap and Adrian rigs a heavy bowling ball to a rope and swings it off of Joseph’s stretched cock. Dave and Adrian kick the ball to make Joseph howl and keep ramming the dildo deeper up his stretched black ass. Click here to watch the full video of this relentless gay torture cruelty at BreederFuckers.


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