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Horny Gym Rat gets roped and tortured

Going to the gym is a great way to meet new people. Reuben is a bit twisted in his thinking however, and he sees a hot straight man working out on the station next to him, and he thinks he’s in love. Resorting to trickery to get his affection’s attention, Reuben slips a tablet into his water bottle, putting the muscled stranger to sleep. Reuben ropes him up and spits in his face to wake him up. Todd, the gym rat curses him and thrashes around against the ropes tying him to the gym machine, but he can’t free himself. Reuben turns angry after his crush rebukes him, and resorts to painful retaliation…clamps on the nipples and balls, a dirty sock gagging Todd’s mouth, a savage whipping across the chest, thighs and genitals. Todd is livid with pain, but its just the beginning for him and the journey is going to get much more painful and terrifying. Enter here to see more hardcore gay BDSM video featuring straight men tortured and punished at BreederFuckers.com!

Gym Rat Todd gets tied, taped and tortured

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Silly Bondage scene turns painful by the end!

One of my biggest criticisms of Gay War Games over the years has been that they have no problem attracting good looking models, but they assume too much about their abilities as bondage tops. Case in point: this morning they debuted a new series, “Fucking Millions” featuring a douchebag eurotrash musclebro lounging in his penthouse counting his piles of cash from war profiteering…they’ve come so far from their humble roots haven’t they? Little does Mr. Big Pimpin’ know, but he’s being being observed by a hulking rebel soldier who’s eager to get some payback from this son of a bitch who’s been getting so rich off the endless civil war. Here’s the silly part — the soldier is huge and brawny and could easily be tossing the douchbag around the room, even though the newly minted slave is a big boy himself. But it’s a lot of cursing, waving money in the businessman’s face, waggling his phone in his face (WTF?) and trying to scare the now-duct taped captive with the flame of a tiny lighter. Incredibly silly and eye-rolling for serious bondage lovers. But then it starts getting interesting.

The soldier ropes up the douchebag’s cock, and he gets it tied up really tightly, and he’s not really that gentle when he’s yanking it to and fro. It’s looking genuinely quite painful, and he’s not relenting while he’s playfully slapping his captive across the face with a whip. The flaccid penis is getting stretched to its limit and this scene from ho-hum to suddenly interesting. Could this brawny soldier know what he’s doing, or is this a case of the he-man not knowing his own strength and injecting the scene with some genuine risk? See for yourself and watch the silly-then-sizzling CBT bondage scene at GayWarGames!


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Hardcore Gay Mummification Bondage

Ed invited a guest to the Serious Bondage Institute with a very short window of time to experience some extra heavy bondage. From the moment he hit the front door he was primed and ready for some mummification action. Ed started with vet wrap, then pallet wrap, and finished with a full layer of duct tape. Soon he was breaking out the bondage board and a full array of Mr.S leather straps. This is a real bondage session between real lifestlye BDSM players as only available from Serious Male Bondage

Hardcore gay mummification bondage

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