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Bound Straight Jock gets his cock tortured and milked

Rod Peterson may be a scholarship athlete, but he still has dreams of becoming a doctor one day. He takes his education seriously, so much so that when he’s interrupted in the reading room by Sebastian, he tries to escape to the bathroom instead of making a scene. What kind of mixed signal is that? You are getting cruised in public by a horny stranger and your reaction is to relocate to a secluded bathroom? Bro was ASKING FOR IT! Sebastian always likes to play rough with these big boys and he tackles Rod and binds him with rope before cutting off all of his clothes. Blindfolded Rod gets jerked and blown before Sebastian massages his dick with two Hitachi wands, but that’s just the beginning for Sebastian. He fucks Rod with a plunger handle and keeps stroking Rod’s frustrated dick, getting him closer to orgasm but never allowing him to finish. Bulging and straining, with anger, frustration and arousal, Rod bellows behind his gag, but Sebastian just ropes him to a row of urinals and works his raging boner with a vibrating cock sleeve. After utterly humiliating Rod and wearing him into submission, Sebastian finally lets him cum, and as one final blow to heterosexuality, Sebastian feeds him a handful of his own sloppy jizz. Click here to see the amazing full length straight shaming edging video at MenOnEdge!


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Donkey-Dick Amateur gets Teased until he Begs for Release!


28 year old Jay is as close to perfect if you love straight American guys getting used and chewed up doing gay-for-pay fetish videos. He’s tall and powerful, handsome and rugged, and he’s got a meaty, thick cock that has great “curve appeal.” Richard has been his sugar daddy for about a year now, and when he summoned Jay to his dungeon, Jay was all to eager to drive all night to accept his Master’s punishment. This time, Jay is roped to a stool completely naked and he’s subjected to Richard’s stop-and-go handjob and he’s ordered not to cum until instructed. Wiley old man Richard gleefully tortures Jay’s cock with 15 or so slow strokes and then a quick flurry of fast jerks and then hands off. Jay is getting so close to busting his nut, but Richard just won’t allow him. This feisty old fart is able to control this big tough guy with just a flick of his hand and Jay is getting more and more desperate. He finally shoots his load, and it’s very impressive, but he didn’t ask permission, and now Rich really becomes the devil, tortuously milking Jay’s super sensitive cock until he’s almost crawling out of his skin! [Click here for video]




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Toned Young Jock Edged and Milked Mercilessly


Pretty Boy Eddie is a wet dream for lots of older guys — 21 years old, long blonde hair, tall, lean and athletically toned. He submits to Master Richard for a long, intense edging session in which he is tied on his back on a table, completely naked and exposed. Richard fondles his big cock and juggles his his heavy balls. Richard uses a variety of stroking styles and tempos, building Eddie up and then backing him off to the point where Eddie is bucking his hips in time with Richard’s cock stroking, trying to bust his nut. Richard warns him the consequences for cumming without permission will be dire and Eddie promises to behave. Eddie begs for permission to cum as Richard’s strokes get faster and more intense, and he shoots a hard, intense load the second permission has been granted. Richard then delights in milking Eddie’s super sensitive cock for a long time while the young blond writhes and squeals. Click here to see the full video of this gorgeous young jock getting his thick boner milked dry.





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Bastards Jesse and Sebastian Milk their Slave

New guy in town Jackson Fillmore has been getting to know the bars and clubs in the Mission District and doing his best to meet new friends. After an otherwise uneventful night, he stumbles home and falls into a deep slumber. Little does he know he caught the attention of Porn Stars Jessie Colter and Sebastian Keys, who after years of bearing the brunt of bottoming for Kink Men are ready to unleash their cruel fantasies on a sub of their own. They follow Jackson home and discover he didn’t lock the door behind him. They snatch him out of his bed and drag him to the boiler room they use as their dungeon. after securing his wrists and ankles in shackles, they use tight twine and a staple gun to tack Jackson down to the floor (think Gulliver and the Lilliputians). Jackson is bound so tightly he can’t move an inch, and while Jessie fucks his mouth, Sebastian gets Jackson’s uncut cock hard. Jackson swallows as much cock as he can and his arousal is evident; clearly he got over the shock of the snatching pretty quickly. He’s getting ready to shoot and Sebastian stops stroking, leaving Jackson’s cock bobbing and straining to ejaculate. Jessie and Sebastian then tie Jackson to the boiler and fuck his greedy hole with a fucksaw and Jessie takes over tormenting Jackson’s cock. The roped bitch boy is finally allowed to cum, but the sadistic duo keep him roped and hanging so they can deliver sensory overload post-ejaculation torture until Jackson is positively frantic. God, this site is amazing. Click here to watch the full length edging torture and sadistic gay BDSM video at MenOnEdge.com.


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Crucified Straight Lad suffers Humiliating Arousal

DreamBoy’s Thomas is enduring the unimaginable — sentenced to 8 hours on the cross, the fit young hetero lad is quivering with pain from every muscle, joint and tendon in his body. His unseen tormentor hurls curses and insults at him from off camera and orders tough young top Jared to tease Thomas’s thick circumcised cock. Cruel young fucker Jared is eager to please his master and he wraps his hand around Thomas’s tree trunk cock and starts jacking him off. Exhausted and wracked with pain, Thomas is nearly broken, but the sensation of having his cock stroked gets the desired reaction…his erection grows even though the straight lad is mortified at being pleasured by another man. The mystery torturer raises the stakes even further: Thomas must cum or get 2 extra hours on the cross! The thought of enduring more of this unimaginable pain forces Thomas to grit his teeth and try to get his cock as hard as he can muster. Briefly he gets a raging hard on, but Jared teases him and leaves him dangling, literally, and his dick starts to go limp. Deflating and sinking to deeper misery, Thomas begs for mercy while his slave master spews more abuse at him from the shadows. Click here to see Thomas’s entire torture session at DreamBoyBondage.com!


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Hardcore Edging and Relentless Facefucking!

Bound Gods is twisting a complicated tale with this week’s update: Derek Scott is the rising star at a San Francisco Property Management company. Sebastian Keyes is a delinquent tenant tired of paying the outrageous fees and is ready to take the fight to management. Derek’s eyes are bright and he’s eager with to kick out this deadbeat squatter and relist the property for 10 times the price. Sebastian is prepared though, and he’s soon got the hotshot roped up and stripped naked with an immense, involuntary hard-on. Over the course of three days, Sebastian leaves Derek roped and he edges the yuppie prick relentlessly. Back at the office, resentful drone worker Christian is dispatched to investigate Derek’s disappearance. Derek is a real asshole around the office and he recently got promoted over Christian, leaving Christian bitter and angry. So when the tall, tattooed stud finds his rival roped and exhausted but sporting an enormous boner, Christian jumps in right where Sebastian left off. He forces Derek to deepthroat his cock and rim him out, then he allows Derek to stand and receive a vicious and painful flogging. Christian finally fucks Derek from behind and shoots his huge load all over Derek’s face. Derek begs Christian to get him off and Christian obliges him, jerking him off until he shoots a messy load of cum, and Christian keeps going torturing his super sensitive cock head and balls. Click here to watch the full video of Derek Scott getting punished by two horny tops at BoundGods.com!


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