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Rubber Slave Connor Submits to Electro Stim and CP Training

Posted in BDSM, Bears and Daddies, Bondage, Edging, fetish, Insertions, Spanking on December 1st, 2014 by gbladmin

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Onyx training continues in the battle for dominance at Bound Gods. Master Jaxton is charged with whipping raw recruit Connor Halstead into shape for the House of Onyx, and Jaxton eagerly commences the bitch boy’s training. His tender young nipples are the first target for hulking Jaxton. HUge steel clamps are pinched onto those tender little buds and cranked shut, leaving Connor to writhe in pain. Sadistic Jaxton heaps on more agony, whipping Connor’s inner thighs and cock with a riding crop while he fights to endure the pain. Finally Jaxton relents and removes the clamps and moves Connor to the floor, fixing electrodes to his tender thighs and wiring him up, plus stuffing a hot plug up Connor’s ass. Jaxton flips on the electricity and watches as Connor twitches and whimpers, although his rock hard cock suggests he’s having a blast. Jaxton lubes his slave up and jacks him off while playing with the voltage…The rush of the current pushes Connor to the brink of Orgasm, but Jaxton backs him off, denying his pleasure and redirecting stimulation to the electrified butt plug. How will Connor be able to survive? Watch the 58 minute electro-heavy bondage video to find out!



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Christian Wilde fights through excruciating edging torture

Posted in BDSM, Bondage, Edging, fetish on November 27th, 2014 by gbladmin

Get the Flash Player to see this content. hosted a slumber party for the boys at Men on Edge and decided to live stream it for all of their fans. Christian Wilde was the main attraction and soon Van Darkholme, Dylan Knight and Sebastian Keys had him roped to the bed with his clothes torn off, exposing his beautiful, engorged cock. While Sebastian and Dylan take turns licking his nipples and worshiping his feet, Van Darkholme concentrates on overstimulating Christian’s hard dick. Christian wriggles and giggles as he’s helplessly brought to the edge of orgasm and suddenly left hanging until Van finally shows mercy and milks a gusher out of his tortured cock. Since the evening’s still young, they decide Dylan’s up next and Christian helps Van and Sebastian rope him and suspend the young cutie from the ceiling and everyone takes turns working his cock. Van even squeezes Dylan’s tender glans between two Hitachi wands and keeps pushing him until he’s begging to cum. What a night! Finally everyone’s satisfied and grinning like idiots amid the puddles of cum in their post orgasmic haze. Click here to watch the full 66 minute edging video!


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Bonus Edging Video: Marc Dylan tortured in so many ways…

Posted in BDSM, Bondage, fetish, Insertions on November 15th, 2014 by gbladmin

So Men On Edge is so great so far, I thought I would give you a second dose to keep your interest piqued…and believe me, Marc Dylan is by far the stand out on the site so far. I was chatting with a rep from yesterday and he told me that they were getting overwhelmed by the response to Marc’s video and his incredible edging torment. First off, the muscular hunk is not only disarmingly handsome with a brilliant smile, he has the body of an action movie star: rolling biceps, chiseled abs and an enormous cock…he’s the total package and more. In the first scene of the video, his arms are roped to a sawhorse and he’s blindfolded, his clothes are cut off and Van Darkholme gets his cock nice and hard. He’s brought to the brink of ejaculation but denied the release, the first of many such frustrations for the day. His muscles flex as he tries to reach his cock to stroke it, but instead he gets flogged, suspended and caned. Van hogties him and fucks his ass with a dildo, still stimulating his cock but never allowing his the pleasure of release. He is finally laid out and restrained in rope, and the edging is extreme. His cock is stroked and toyed with until he’s begging to cum but always denied. When he is finally given permission, he floods his cut abs with a huge puddle of cum. Click here to watch another great hardcore edging and ejaculation denial video from MenOn

Beautiful Marcus Dylan tortured in so many ways

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Rope bound bodybuilder edged and dildo fucked

Posted in BDSM, Bondage, fetish, Insertions on November 5th, 2014 by gbladmin

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So while I was on sabbatical, has launched another male bondage site with a specific focus on edging and shibari-style bondage, appropriately named and they already have quite a roster of hard-bodied men getting roped and sensuously (and mercilessly) edged including John Magnum, a fat-dicked bodybuilder who was the latest recipient of Van Darkholme’s devilish hospitality. The video opens with John roped to his bed and blindfolded. Van removes his clothing with scissors and starts working on John’s thick cock with a Hitachi Magic Wand. Next, the intensity gets cranked up, and John is tied to an amazing bamboo ladder and suspended form the ceiling while Van fucks him in the ass with a dildo on a stick like he’s impaling him on a spear. Finally, John is hauled up to the roof of the armory and roped with his legs spread wide apart. His calves are popping and are utter masterpieces to behold. Van continues to dildo fuck him while edging him mercilessly, teasing him constantly and refusing to allow him to spill his cum. John finally satisfies Van with proof of his worthiness and he spews spunk like a volcano , much to everyone’s satisfaction. Click here to check out this amazing new edging fetish and bondage video site!

rope bound bodybuilder edged and dildo fucked

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Fresh Southern Boy bound, spanked and edged until he explodes

Posted in BDSM, Bondage, Edging, fetish on October 12th, 2014 by gbladmin

Evan Mercy is a new lad around the KinkMen scene, but after this performance, I’m sure demand for his presence is going to go through the roof…He’s a blond with a lean, muscular build and sexy tattoos who snuck away from his girlfriend to make this hardcore video. She must not be into bondage, orgasm denial and headgames, but Evan has found a willing partner in Van Darkholme, who wastes little time stripping the lad naked and getting his dick hard. The first scene is teasing, getting Evan roped and blindfolded, jerking him off and smacking him with the flogger when he can’t see. The second scene is pure bondage poetry…Van uses the red ropes to tie Evan shibari style and tether him from the rafters, first balanced on one foot and then in full suspension. Evan swings in the air while Van strokes his cock, and he finally thinks he’s about to get release, but Van pulls away to flog his buttocks some more and pull his asscheeks wide apart and probe his straight virgin hole. Finally Van ropes Evan to a stool and gives him almost enough wiggle room to touch his cock, but not quite. Van uses vibrators to get Evan’s cock fully erect and then pumps his cock with his rough, meaty fist while stuffing a fat dildo down Evan’s throat. Evan finally gets to shoot his load, but Van still wants him to pay for it, and he smears a handful of the lad’s cum all over his mouth to get him to eat it, and then in a scene of pure malevolence, Van puts a vibrating cock ring on the still throbbing and tender head of Evan’s cock and walks away, leaving him in post-orgasm torture agony, screaming for mercy. This description doesn’t do it justice. Treat yourself to a membership to see the amazing action and beautiful men bound and abused on this site.

Fresh Southern Boy bound, spanked and edged until he explodes

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Straight Rugby player bound and mercilessly edged in the shower

Posted in BDSM, Bondage, fetish, Insertions, Uncategorized on September 25th, 2014 by gbladmin

Colby Jansen in straight, married and a total beefy jock that I want to worship. He makes his gay bondage debut in the locker room of his rugby club after the rest of his teammates have cleared out…he strips down and flexes for the camera and what an amazing body he has. But no matter how big the muscles, Van Darkholme’s ropes always bring a man into line. First Van gets him tied to the lockerroom wall with his meaty forearms roped to his thighs and then he gets Colby’s dick nice and hard with a magic wand vibrator. Colby is really feeling the arousal and he wants to shoot his load, but Van drops his cock and walks away, leaving Colby to desperately wag his cock in the air in the vain search for stimulation. The next scene is a punishment scene, with Colby tied on one leg and Van flogging the hell out of his backside and jacking his cock. Colby is still desperate to pop, but Van is nowhere near finished toying with the brawny jock. Finally the scene shifts into the shower and Colby is tightly roped so he can’t move his arms and he’s pushed under the running water. The water makes the ropes swell and get tighter, and Van forces the straight man to suck a dildo while getting his aching, hard cock stroked. Van builds him up closer and closer to finally climaxing but leaves him short every time. Frustration is growing for Colby and so is the desperation to shoot his cum. Finally, Van allows the muscular jock to cum buckets, but then further torture his extremely sensitive cock post ejaculation. Click here to see this amazing edging bondage video for yourself at

Straight Rugby player bound and mercilessly edged in the shower

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