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Sebastian Keyes proves his endurance in the dungeon

Sebastian Keyes went past all previous limits in this update from 30 Minutes of Torment…the first step was to to provoke his rage, so Van Darkholme roped him and utterly beat him with the leather paddle. All over his body, chest, back, thighs — Sebastian took it until he was spluttering with rage and lunging at Van. Temporarily subdued, Sebastian was immobilized in a special seat for water torture. Strapped in at the wrists and ankles with his head locked in place, further restraint is added when Van positions wooden spears to keep Sebastian from even wriggling. Then the ice-cold water trickle begins, drip-drip-dripping on Seb’s forehead. Van starts shocking his chest, belly and thighs with the electro wand to keep his pain level high and constant, and after over an hour of this, Sebastian is acting deranged and dangerous. His final test comes in the padded cell, where Van continues to whip him and muscle him around. Sebastian is acting like a feral wolf at this point, lashing out, but still he can’t overcome Van. He’s strung from the ceiling and whipped harder and harder until he’s finally broken. Click here to see the full 140 minute video stream of this unforgettable torture scene featuring super bondage sub Sebastian Keyes.


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Rubber Slave Connor Submits to Electro Stim and CP Training

Onyx training continues in the battle for dominance at Bound Gods. Master Jaxton is charged with whipping raw recruit Connor Halstead into shape for the House of Onyx, and Jaxton eagerly commences the bitch boy’s training. His tender young nipples are the first target for hulking Jaxton. Huge steel clamps are pinched onto those tender little buds and cranked shut, leaving Connor to writhe in pain. Sadistic Jaxton heaps on more agony, whipping Connor’s inner thighs and cock with a riding crop while he fights to endure the pain. Finally Jaxton relents and removes the clamps and moves Connor to the floor, fixing electrodes to his tender thighs and wiring him up, plus stuffing a hot plug up Connor’s ass. Jaxton flips on the electricity and watches as Connor twitches and whimpers, although his rock hard cock suggests he’s having a blast. Jaxton lubes his slave up and jacks him off while playing with the voltage…The rush of the current pushes Connor to the brink of orgasm, but Jaxton backs him off, denying his pleasure and redirecting stimulation to the electrified butt plug. How will Connor be able to survive? Watch the 58 minute electro-heavy bondage video to find out!



Terrifying punishment and Straight Lad BDSM pain

Recent immigrant Vasia is getting a terrible taste of British hospitality. Lured into the back room of a pub by cock hungry gay Dom Dave, Vasia is stripped and tied at the wrists before being brutally flogged. Just Brutal. Dave is swinging the whip as hard as he can across the Russiaan lad’s pasty body and eliciting blood-curdling screams of pain. Dave uses an electroshock device on Vasia’s genitals to keep the pain and stimulation amped up before mocking Vasia, gagging him and spitting in his face. After jerking Vasia’s cock, Dave is ready to get darker and crazier with his straight slave. Enter here to see more gay bondage punishment and brutal sadism from the Straight Hell tops.

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Vince Ferelli — Musclebound stud succumbs to Mind Control

It’s a little late, but I just got a chance to post the red hot video of Tyler Saint working over raw power sub Vince Ferelli in “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”…its simply amazing, jumpstarting Bound Gods after a few weeks of titillating-but-indulgent offerings from Van Darkholme. The video opens with Tyler Saint, a military intelligence officer, interrogating one of his own grunts, Vince Ferelli, who is rumoured to be a homosexual. Tyler decides that enhanced interrogation techniques are in order, and he forces temptation and pain onto the broad shoulders of the hulking bodybuilder. Stripping him naked, forcing physical training and lashing him with a leather whip are all preliminary steps for Saint, who hooks Vince to an electrical stimulation unit and runs a surge of current through his ass while relentless questioning him and working to extract his confession that he loves to fuck other men. Vince’s denials grow weaker, and Tyler pushes him into confession when he fucks Vince’s gorgeous sculpted ass. Tremendous mind games, bdsm and pain play — Vince Ferelli is an extraordinary sub with a limitless capacity for pain and abuse…Enter here to watch the full video and see how much pain and bondage humiliation this stud can take.

Here are some comments from BoundGods members on this video:

The main reason why I joined this website again is because of Vince!!! Love him as a sub!!! Hope to see more of him!

The sky is red!! Love it. Very hot. The flogging and the fucking were both awesome. Two beautiful muscled bodies. Great shoot thank you!

This is one of the best that you have done on Bound Gods. I got into the whole thing and Vince and Tyler are two of the best. I only shortcoming I felt was the intensity of the flogging. I would have like to see more. But all in all this one gets a A+++. You can have these guys back anytime.

Vince Ferelli is the hottest man alive. I could watch him every day and never get tired. He’s good looking, masculine, well built, hairy and seems like a genuine good guy. I hope to see much more of him! Thanks Van for outdoing yourself once again!

This so worked! Pushed every one of my buttons and then some. An instant classic from start to finish. Best parts: Seeing Vince’s beautiful ass respond to the shock treatments, Tyler luring Vince in with his tempting cock amidst the flickers of the mind warping strobelights, then whipping Vince into submission and of course the undeniably erotic noose and ball torment! (although if I have one criticism that segment was way too brief!) Tyler and Vince are the perfect combination and play off each other nicely. I’d love to see them teamed up again. Surely worthy of a sequel only next time have Tyler break and brainwash Vince but good. There’s no way you can get too much of a good thing!

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Morgan Black performs cruel medical exam on bound stud Mitch Vaughn

Mitch Vaughn should check his HMO coverage, because he appears to be getting a lot of out of network treatment when he visits Dr. Morgan Black for a checkup. Morgan gets very hands-on with the musclebound stud, checking his back and chest, listening to his heart and lungs, but Mitch just turned 40, so guess what that means…it’s time for his first prostate exam! He’s reluctant, so Dr. Black has to get a little physical with the brawny patient to get him on the table. What’s the matter, tough guy? Afraid of a little finger up your pooper? Well, actually Dr. Black is an alternative health care practitioner and after his ordeal, Mitch would have been happy to get just a finger. After extensive probing and even flagellation (was that whip sterile?) Morgan hoists Mitch up into a set of stirrups and restrains him with leather belts, giving him full access to the muscle man’s pink fuckhole. Morgan applies electro stim contacts to Mitch’s ass and inserts an electro-ready dildo up his hole and turns on the juice. Mitch squirms at the intense electro-sensation running through his genitals and Morgan gives him a hand, jacking off his hard cock but leaving him just short of ejaculation. The non-medical term is edging, but doctors call it pre-ejaculatory stimulation with a coverage cap. Morgan finally uses his own cock to take a temperature reading from deep inside Mitch’s body cavity, like an old-time doctor. Mitch is hot and incredibly wet and it takes Morgan several minutes of probing and thrusting with his erection to find the hottest spot in Mitch’s hole. Morgan finally gets what he needs and he delivers the results of his test to Mitch…all over his face and chest. Click here to watch the full version of this incredibly fun and stimulating gay medical bondage video.

sexy gay bondage medical fetish

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Trent Diesel BDSM training feat. Spencer Reed

Leather Dom Daddy Spencer Reed shot this video cruising the hotel at a recent leather convention — sub Trent Diesel spotted the hulking he man and had to be his bitch. After they got into Spencer’s room, Spencer breaks out the rough stuff, pushing Trent on the bed and ripping off his leathers. The two get introduced with some mutual cock sucking, but Spencer decides Trent doesn’t deserve any pleasure and instead whips his slave’s cock with a riding crop. Trent’s punishment continues, as Spencer whips his ass and inserts an anal hook before hooking Trent’s cock up to an electroshock stimulator. Spencer strokes his cock as he watches Trent convulse and writhe as the jolts of electricity shoot through his cock and asshole. The trailer finishes strong with Spencer cleaning off his slave in the shower before fucking him and jacking off his throbbing cock until Trent is covered with cum. Enter here to see Trent’s Bondage training and punishment at the hands of Master Spencer Reed.

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