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Humiliating gay enema fetish video

There are times when you have just been owned, when you have been so thoroughly humiliated and shamed that no matter what sort of revenge you plot, even if you spend years or even a lifetime, nothing will ever be adequate to overcome the shame caused by your tormentor. And then there is this pathetic tosser, an army recruit who suffers suck a brutal hazing it will probably stick around for decades or even centuries as an urban legend. not only does the recruit get roped to the bed and boot polish smeared all over his cock and balls, and not only is he forced to choke on the huge cocks of his superiors, it’s that the superiors voluntarily take enemas and squirt the water directly from their bowels into his face! It’s utterly demeaning and degrading, and I cannot image the lifetime this man will spend living this humiliating hazing enema fetish video down. Click here to watch the entire video in full.

humiliating gay enema fetish video

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