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Cruel Master Forces sub to drink his Enema Water


Master Jaime is a man of a higher caliber at BrutalTops.com. Handsome, bearded and very fit, he has a commanding air about him. Towering over his groveling, nude sub in an abandoned public toilet, Jaime orders the punk to lick his hairy armpits and then suck his this, hard cock. Jaime’s cruelty and sadism is getting out of control the more aroused he gets, and he eventually kicks the slave to the ground and turns around and inserts an enema tube up his rips ass. Jaime gives himself an enema and orders the subhuman sexslave on his hands and knees with his face inches from the master’s hole. Jaime shoots a mighty jet of dirty shitty water into his slave’s mouth and orders him to drink every drop. The slave chokes and sputters as Jaime gets ready for even more humiliation and punishment. Click here to see Master Jaime humiliate this sub in the worst ways imaginable only at BrutalTops.com!


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Brutal Tops humiliate stud and drown him in piss

Brutal Tops is making all of your weekend wishes come true with an extra-graphic, extra-humiliating, extra-cruel update featuring Master Nick and Lukas. Their slave is a brawny tough guy, but he’s submissive at the core and overwhelmed by the perverted thugs. Playing in a hospital setting, it’s a perfect opportunity to give this muscle slab a piss enema, and Nick drains his bladder into the cup that fills the slave’s gut. He’s told to hold it in or else, but he can’t manage, so Nick flips him over and unleashes a rare cruelty, delighting in a savage caning, leaving the slave’s ass marked, bruised and throbbing. Lukas and Nick are determined to fill their slave with piss so they force open his mouth and fill him up from the other end, using his face as a urinal, and add copious amounts of spit to the mix as well. Nick screws a heavy duty set of nipple clamps onto the bottom bitch and instructs him to jack off while sucking master’s cock. As the slave gets ready to cum, Nick rips off the nipple clamp and the slave howls in agony. Don’t miss this video. Watch the full version only at BrutalTops.com.

brutal tops humiliate stud and drown him in piss

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Sissy Fag slave gets a piss enema

Masters Mike and Darren take domination to perverted new levels. They teach the pathetic blondeboy about enemas. But not just any common-all-garden enema, this is a PISS enema courtesy of Master Mike’s full bladder. With the enema pot held high, gravity fills the bottom’s aching bowels with fresh Master’s piss. With piss squirting out, there is barely enough space for the buttplug which Master Darren uses to penetrate the bottom’s colon and seal his hole. His innards full of piss and a buttplug too, there is nothing more that blondie would like to do than to shit the lot out. Guess that’s the last thing the tops will allow him until they’ve had their fill of fun at his expense! See daring new gay S&M videos at BrutalTops. Download the daring new public gay BDSM videos from Brutal Tops.

meek bottom slave slut gets a piss enema

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