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Toilet Queer dominated and abused by extreme tops

Posted in BDSM, fetish on December 4th, 2014 by gbladmin

Masters Maurice and Chris drag their kidnapped ginger lad into a public toilet that is renowned for cottaging. The dominant men quickly strip Ginger naked in front of three guys who were wanking off together and invite them to piss all over him. Masters Maurice and Chris generously release steaming hot piss in his mouth while shouting abuse at the quivering urine covered lad. Full of aggressive power the dominant men furiously fuck his mouth and ass taking their pleasure out of him and leaving him on the filthy public toilet floor covered in cum. Download the daring new public gay BDSM videos from Brutal Tops.

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swishy fag dominated and abused in public toilet

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Toe sucking slave forced to drink piss

Posted in BDSM, fetish, Insertions, Public Humiliation on November 18th, 2014 by gbladmin

Pathetic sub Elliott knows he’s in for severe humiliation at the hands of Master Wayne. Naked and afraid, he quivers in a corner of the office as his well-tailored boss returns, presumably displeased with Elliott’s work – again. Master Wayne is going to teach Elliott obedience and submission once and for all, and he begins by forcing the sub to lick his boots. After undressing his Master, Elliott rolls on his back and is forced to suck Wayne’s smelly toes and feet. Hearing the sub’s quiet objections, Wayne brandishes a huge dildo – he will train Elliott to take oral properly! As Wayne face-fucks Elliott roughly with the dildo, the pathetic sub can’t take it – he throws up all over the floor; not content to leave the sniveling sub alone, Wayne orders Elliott to shove the puke-covered dildo up his ass. The final humiliation comes as Elliott take a mouth full of piss from Wayne, who has already had 3 cups of coffee. After Elliott sucks the last of the piss off Master Wayne’s cock, he is left in a heap in his own mess.

toe sucking slave

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Brutal tops foot worship and cock gagging slave training

Posted in BDSM, Bondage, fetish, Public Humiliation, Uncategorized on November 18th, 2014 by gbladmin

Sailor boys Derek and Nick are up to their dastardly hazing rituals again, and the capering duo prance around in a public toilet in the nude with a paunchy, middle aged sex-slave. The slave submitted to them for training and the Brutal Tops bastards take turns torturing his ass with a switch and forcing him to lick their shoes until they’re spotless. Along the way, there’s heaps of verbal abuse, insults, threats and jeers, graphic forced rimming and lots and lots of forced deepthroating. Nick and Derek grab this pathetic wanker around the neck and cram their cocks down his gob until he’s coughing and gagging, but they refuse to let hi breathe. Nick’s cock looks so thick and delicious, and it swings between his thighs, trailing a huge line of saliva from the choking man’s throat as he bends over and screams in his slave’s face and slaps him around. Click here to keep watching this degrading and humiliating performance from another groveling bottom pig at

Brutal tops foot worship and cock gagging slave training

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Horny soldier gags a young hostage with his thick cock

Posted in BDSM, Bondage, military fetish, Uncategorized on November 11th, 2014 by gbladmin

Tchukistani soldier Derek is alone on patrol one day in the countryside, in an area that has been largely deserted thanks to heavy shelling in the area. Hungry and lonely, Derek spies a lone young man cleaning up a house still standing after heavy fighting and he approaches, hoping for some food. The young man, Martin, is the youngest son of the local preacher and he has been hiding in the forest for several weeks and is the first to return to the village after the rebels were expelled. His Christian upbringing taught him to be generous to strangers and so he invites the tall, muscular soldier into his home for a simple meal. Derek happily accepts and soon they are eating and talking about their lives before the war, and Derek talks about his girlfriend who he has not seen in six months. Martin tells him that there are no girls in the area and something evil clicks inside Derek’s head. Martin is young, strong and very handsome but he’s smaller than Derek and the soldier overpowers him and forces him to the floor, binding his wrists and slapping him around. Derek is horny and his cock is hard and he’s going to fuck Martin’s mouth. Martin resists but he’s no match and soon Derek’s long, hard shaft is pumping his mouth and hitting his throat. Martin gags but Derek is relentless. Click here to watch the full episode of this new gay military BDSM sex video from Gay War Games.

Horny soldier gags a young hostage with his thick cock

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Gay War Games Soldiers humiliate and fuck fresh twinks

Posted in BDSM, Bondage, military fetish on November 10th, 2014 by gbladmin

The Gay War Games soldiers are still marauding the countryside and terrorizing the populace. No twink is safe from their throbbing cocks! This clip picks up the action from Part 1 of “Bustour” and the three raunchy guerrillas, Mecko, Becko and Ivan have encircled poor Sebastian and are all trying to stuff their cocks in his mouth at once. They hurl insults and threats as he tries his best to pleasure them, but their pleasure in in striking terror in the hearts of their victims. Soon Sebastian’s friends, Ralph and Jeff are rounded up and the twink trio are forced to strip at the side of the road before they are led off deep into the woods to an abandoned farmhouse, the setting for the next queer commandos terrifying gay bondage gangfuck. Enter here to see more video of Sebastian and his twink comrades getting force face-fucked and painfully humiliated!

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Bully soldiers force-feed cock to suspected spy

Posted in BDSM, Bondage, fetish, military fetish, Public Humiliation on November 7th, 2014 by gbladmin

I hope everyone is in the mood for brawny soldiers getting fucking wild on some innocent, wide eyed lad who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Buff soldier Frank has captured a lad outside the base and is sure he has caught an enemy spy. Brent, the young prisoner, swears he’s innocent, but Frank and his ling-haired comrade have been brutalizing him for hours to get the truth. Now the soldiers strip him naked and bend his legs over his head and spread his ass wide apart. While Frank holds the wretched lad still, the other soldier shaves his asscrack and hole clean. It stings like a bastard, but nothing prepares Brent for the pain when Frank pours chemical all over his tender ass, right into the hole! Frank’s cock is hard as a bastard and he rams it up Brent’s burning ass, and the slave-boy howls in pain. Frank and his mate want their dicks sucked, and they order Brent to work their shafts, but he refuses. Frank smacks him around and forces his swollen cock deep into Brent’s throat, pumping him until he gags and chokes. Brent gags and coughs and spits up bile, but now he is feeling much more submissive and pliant. Click here to watch the complete gay military bondage video here.

Bully soldiers force feed cock to suspected spy

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