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Dimitri’s Bondage Humiliation: Straight Lad bound and fucked in public

Dimitri’s public bondage humiliation has been my favourite series from Straight Hell, by far. I can’t believe the extremes they are going to with his abduction and punishment. In the latest teaser video released yesterday, Dimitri is shown being handcuffed and stripped to his underwear at the Pride Parade before the video cuts to the dom tops Dave and Maurice demanding to be serviced by the straight lad under a bridge, in full view of the highway traffic. With his nipples clamped and throbbing with pain, humiliated straight lad Dimitri does his best to suck one cock while he is getting another huge rod pounded into his ass. Admonished for being such a deficient cocksucker, Maurice turns around and forced Dimitri to rim him out. Dimitri’s face is painted with pure misery and humiliation. Can’t wait to see Dimitri’s next humiliation? Enter here to see Dimitri’s entire Straight Hell BDSM punishment video.

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Enter here to watch Dimitri’s entire BDSM abduction and sexual violation video

More Gay War Games BDSM — Forced Oral Punishment

Becko and Ivan have a hard on for punishing button-up bureaucratic types, although it’s rare to find them far into the hot conflict zone. What luck today, they passed a hot young Italian, a banker sent out into the field on assignment, but he is struggling with a flat tire, and all alone and completely vulnerable. Feigning assistance as to not scare him into the forest, Ivan and Becko slow down, but as soon as they are close enough, they spring on the helpless prisoner, slapping the handcuffs on him and strip searching him. The Italian has some hot tattoos and killer abs, and the queer commandos are intent on making this hunk their bitch. Their cocks are throbbing and they take turns pushing their swollen shafts into the Italian’s resisting mouth. Eventually, after a hard slap upside the head, the Italian relents and Ivan and Becko vigorously fuck his face, even stuffing both cocks in his mouth at once. Eager for more elaborate bdsm sex, the homo soldiers pile their new sex slave into their jeep bound for their hidden bondage dungeon. Check out the GayWarGames tour to access the full gay bdsm punishment video “The Banker”

Military fetish bondage fucking

Enter GayWarGames here to see the Banker’s entire bondage punishment ordeal

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Gay War Games — Homo mutiny; soldiers fuck their commander

Here’s some awesome footage from the Gay War Games propaganda network…foot soldiers Mecko and Becko are being put through the paces by their sadistic commander. Forced into physical training, specifically a long distance run, the soldiers reach their breaking point. They spend their days looting and interrogating and enriching their commander’s coffers and he still treats them like shit. Well, not after today!

Mecko and Becko jump their Captain, Maximilian, and quickly put the handcuffs on him. Max is stripped naked and the soldiers pull out their cocks and start slapping their CO in the face. Max had facefucked his soldiers many times to assert his dominance and now the tables are turned! Max is forced to take both cocks in his mouth at once, and M & B pump their rods hard and without mercy. The fun for the queer commandos continues — their handcuffed captain is knocked to the ground and hogtied — his pink asshole is exposed and the two soldiers tease his ass for what surely will be a furious assfucking. They are enjoying their commander’s shame, and they continue to heap abuse on him — shouting insults in his face, slapping him, whipping him, kicking him around. This trailer is just a tease, but the entire video is available here with a complete account of the humiliating bondage sex scene.

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GayWarGames soldiers chain and fuck their helpless commander

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Buff Jock overpowered by Gay War Games Soldiers

Finally! GayWarGames releases new footage from “The Redneck” featuring straight jock Marko overpowered and abused by the ruthless Gay War Games commandos. After capturing the sleeping hottie, Mecko and Ivan strip Marko naked and lead him into the woods and handcuff him to an old fence. Ivan unleashes a torrentof abuse on Marko, spitting in his face, slapping him, and forcing his swollen cock down Marko’s gagging throat. Marko thrashes around but can’t get away, and soon both soldiers are taking turns fucking his mouth with their hard dicks. Ivan is also paying close attention to Marko’s big fat cock after jerking him off in the previous episode, and he is getting ready to inflict some serious pain an Marko’s defenseless penis. Enter the Gay War Games tour to access Marko’s full punishment video!

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Country Boy handcuffed and gagged with cock

Enter here to see Marko’s forced oral bondage punishment!

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Macho soldiers facefuck sissy twink

More twink bondage carnage delivered at the hands of the Gay War Games homo guerrillas: we pick up the ordeal of trim twink Yanni, who received quite a hot spanking in the last trailer…now the soldiers are probing his sweet little ass and caressing his flat tummy, until they decide his fat, uncut cock needs to get twisted up with a barrage of tight clothespegs. Yanni is twisting with pain, so the soldiers give him something to shut up…they stuff their huge cocks in his mouth and make him perform a double deepthroat. Enter here to see more smoking hot gay bdsm video featuring the GWG homo commandos torturing and fucking their twink prisoners.

Twink punishment and hot forced deepthroat

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Bareback Gay Bondage Fucking

Slavemaster soldiers Jurek and Jack have been all over the tube sites and blogs with their relentless videos of bondage, punishment, and aggressive fucking. This is the final chapter of their dalliance with twink sex slaves Vadim and Dima, a pair of sissies the soldiers hijacked several weeks ago and have been keeping more or less as pets…soft, wet holes to fuck when they’re horny; fresh tender flesh to torture when they’re frustrated and angry. The final trailer gives you a taste of their endgame: Jack and Jurek shackle the twinks to the rack in the torture room and unleash the full wrath of their pent up sexual frustration. Jack and Jurek relentlessly fuck the twink assholes with their thick cocks, absolutely bareback. Vadim and Dima are more or less zombies at this point, they’ve been beaten, tortured and fucked so long, their emotions have become clouded and completely muted. The panting, perverted soldiers swap back and forth on the asses of their slaves until they are ready to spew their loads, and when the moment arrives, they dismount and jack off all over the faces of their slaves. Enter here to see the final bareback bondage orgy in it’s entirety plus video archives of Dima and Vadim’s entire gay bondage ordeal.

sadistic soldiers fuck twink slaves bareback in depraved gay bondage video

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