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Gangster Wannabes roped, fucked and caned

Toby and Luke are wasting their youth listening to American gangster rap, pretending to be thugs and trying to menace the people in their neighbourhood. Tragically for them, they tried to rip off the hardest Straight Hell dom tops Adrian and Dave, both ex-military, and the older men easily dispatch the threat from the puny, pathetic chav criminals. Dave and Adrian drag their new slaves into an empty warehouse and vow to punish them with sadistic savagery like never before. In this trailer, Dave leans back while the roped, naked weaklings slurp up his hard cock, and Adrian lashes their bare buttocks with an old-fashioned cane. Adrian is practically giddy every time he whips the lash and the little pussy screams like a piggy. Luke is bent over and forced to suck his friend’s dick while getting fucked in the ass by Adrian, and then his throbbing ass is filled with the top’s hot piss, and Toby must put his face inches from Luke’s ass when he can’t hold in the warm fluid and sprays it in his mate’s face. What a disgusting, humiliated pair! Enter here to see the full cruel gay bondage punishment at!

young criminals mercilessly caned, fucked and humiliated

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Terrified straight jock Vasia being fucked into submission

Demonic top Dave has totally hit the jackpot with recent immigrant Vasia. Lured into the back room of a pub by Dave for a little gamesmanship, Vasia was completely overwhelmed by Dave’s brute force, and now he lies roped on top of the pool table, whimpering to be released, but Dave is fixed on his virgin asshole and getting ready to fuck the immigrant raw and unlubed. Well, Vasia gets a courtesy gob of spit on his asshole before Dave rams his throbbing hard prick right to the hilt. To gag the screams of the pain-wracked Slav, Dave stuffs his mouth with a dildo on a stick. Vasia handles the dong in his mouth so well, Dave orders him to suck his cock ATM, soon shooting a hot wad of cum across the slobbering straight lad’s face. Enter here to see more video of Vasia’s tragic humiliation and gay BDSM nightmare at!

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Slave Boy endures shameful Puppy Training

Nicholas is still trying to impress his masters at Straight Hell. The hetero lad has been thoroughly broken and his will is utterly crushed, and now it seems like he will do anything to please them. Dave it tickled at the obedience of his new playtoy, and he binds him at the knees and elbows and forces him to crawl around like a dog, play fetch, and beg for treats. Nicholas is so willing to please his masters he thoroughly embraces the role, wiggling his ass like he’s shaking his tail, jumping up, panting and making a general fool of himself. Adrian is so pleased with his slave boy’s submission he rewards Nicholas by letting him suck on his cock, and once it’s raging hard, Adrian penetrates Nicholas’ ass and fucks him like a wild man. Then it’s Dave’s turn to get his dick sucked and they both shower Nicholas with cum and more shame. Click here to watch Nicholas’ total submission to slave training.

humiliating dog training

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Workmen Brutalize Pathetic Sub on the Job


New Brutal Tops Masters Lucas and Tom got jobs as labourers for the summer to earn some cash, but as always, they are more on the lookout for opportunities for sexual conquest and humiliation than for any actual labouring. They are called to an athletic facility to do some routine maintenance in the men’s locker room, and they encounter weird, naked, craven sub Elliot there. He puts off the creepiest energy, and these brash tough horny fuckers immediately put a target on his back. They put a dog chain around his neck and slam him on the floor so he can clean their workboots with his tongue. They find a huge dildo lying around and cram it up the sub’s ass and force him to crawl around on the filthy floor. Lucas and Tom are so turned on by Elliot’s suffering and groveling that they pull out their raging hard-ons and ram them into their slave’s drooling mouth until he’s gagging. These fierce young men cannot be stopped by this worthless piece of garbage and they’ll use him up until he’s an empty husk. Click here to see the full video of this brutal forced oral and humiliation session at


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Submissive bottom abused and roughly fucked by macho gay thugs

Just to be contrary, I wanted to post something rude and nasty this Valentine’s day to get up in the face of everyone feeling all warm and fuzzy. The only thing warm and fuzzy you’ll find here today is Master Dave’s asshole, and the only way you’ll feel it is if he forces you to rim him out. Brutal Tops Chris and Dave have another meek puppy of a bottom eager for training at the gym, and they force him to eat out Dave’s stinky ass while hurling the most foul abusive language he’s ever heard, although for chav scum, that might qualify as church appropriate. The sub is kicked around, slapped and fucked hard from both ends before Chris and Dave toss him in a cage to await further instructions. The trailer is hot, but the full video is incredibly foul, abusive and cruel…that is to say, its really fucking hot. Click here to see the full video of cruel bottom training exclusively at!

Gay thugs humiliate and pnish meek but eager bottom

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Smooth twink submits to whims of 3 dominant professors

Clothed Male, Nude Male has turned into a big phenomenon on the web, tapping into the secret desires of men that want to see others in a position of power, taking advantage of desirable young men, stripping them, violating them and controlling their cock. Perhaps these men secretly desire to be the one stripped of power and forced into humiliating positions and submitting control of their body, especially their cocks and their assholes. This video showcases twink college student Dimi, a trim soccer player, summoned to a meeting with his professors, who proceed to creep him out with their unwelcome groping, touching and lurid comments. Dimi is forced to submit to the probing, and the massaging of his cock, and even to the probing of his virgin, straight asshole. Enter here to see the full video detailing Dimi’s humiliating ordeal at the hands of his perverted professors.

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