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Big Shot Jock gets abducted and bound for Torture.


Life is getting tougher for professional athletes. The pressures to perform come from the media, the owners and the team and when they stumble or falter, everyone who loved them yesterday can lash out and crucify them today. Even in the minor leagues you see this phenomenon. The star player of Allentown, PA’s minor league baseball team seemed certain to become a big league star some day, and he often treated his small town fans like shit while waiting for his rocket ride to super stardom. Most people were content to tolerate his shitty attitude while he was performing like an all-star. But he’s been a week-long slump and one obsessed fan is ready to really punish the entitled asshole. Sneaking into the locker room after a loss, the masked fan catches the wannabe allstar and tapes his mouth shut and then ropes his arms and hands. He then waves a knife in the player’s face and cuts his uniform to ribbons, exposing his smooth, muscular body and his shrivelled, scared little penis. The player cries for help, but no one can hear him through the gag. This is going to be a great slow torture and humiliation session from…click here to watch the full bondage and abduction video!



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Macho tops degrade their whimpering slave with hot piss

Actually, degrade isn’t nearly a strong enough word. Words are wasted on this epic new trailer from Brutal Tops. Peter and Errol absolutely dominate their captive, stretching out his anus to catch their piss, boot licking, golden showers, piss drinking…Perhaps the best word to describe it, if there is a single word is contempt. Utter contempt, not just for the twink sub crawling around on knees and elbows at the end of a leash through pools of urine, but for everything we consider proper civilized society. This video demonstrates just how foul and dark their hearts are, and how they know we’re happy to crawl through the gutter with them. Perhaps the Brutal Tops can control and dominate me from so far away, because I am completely entranced by this video and I need to see more. Enter here to see the full video of Peter and Errol aggressively dominating their slave with physical force and psychological brutality.

Macho tops degrade their whimpering slave with hot piss

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Slave boy Troy bound and used as public fuck toy

Van Darkholme & new House Dom Nick Moretti are getting back to their roots in the new episode of released this week…they seek fun and satisfaction in a cruisy public bathroom in San Francisco. Accompanying them as their cock whore slave is Troy Daniels, who has a really raunchy side that he’ll show to anyone that can get it out of him. Nick forces him to strip, and he takes a flogging from Van, and more men stream in to use the bathroom, and soon a crowd has gathered to watch Troy suck cocks and endure his punishment. They break out the rope and suspend him from the top of a bathroom stall, and pretty much everyone who wants a go at him gets to fuck Troy’s ass. After he’s all used up, the horny strangers dump their loads of cum all over Troy’s face and chest, leaving him as a dirty heap in the middle of the floor. Click here for more public gay bondage and humiliation at

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Thug loves using CBT to bully twinks

Brash thug Thor is a Russian criminal who never outgrew his love of being the schoolyard bully. He uses the same tactics to enforce compliance with his criminal demands that he used to extort lunch money from his terrified fellow students. He uses overwhelming force, pain, humiliation and fear to get what he wants. His victim Dennis is a slight, gawky teenager who has no hope of besting Thor in a fight. He would love to surrender and hopefully run away to safety, but Thor wants him to suffer both physical pain and mental anguish. He has the lad roped at the wrists and gagged with duct tape, then he slashes his shirt to ribbons, leaving him standing naked in the cold. Thor mocks Dennis’ tiny uncut penis…it too seems to be cowering in fear and trying to escape. Thor runs a rope around Dennis’ micro cock and balls and yanks hard, cruelly stretching and twisting the twink slave’s tender genitals. Finally, in an act of triumphant degradation, Thor steals one of Dennis’ shoes and tapes it over his face, forcing the slave to inhale his own nasty foot odor while enduring his endless agonizing torture. Click here to watch the entire video of Thor’s amazingly cruel BDSM fantasies.

thug bully ropes and tortures pathetic twink

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Brutal Humiliation in the Toilet


Jack is a face we haven’t seen in a while at Brutal Tops, but his return is exceedingly welcomed. He’s a working class thug who loves to terrorize faggots, queers and any man who isn’t oozing machismo. One of his favourite tactics is to loiter in public toilets and pretend to flirt, and when an unlucky stiff takes the bait and flirts back, Jack crashes down on them like a ton of bricks. He preys on on the weak, and unfortunately for sub Elliot, he stepped right into the trap. Jack overwhelms Elliot and forces him to strip naked while putting a heavy dog collar and chain around his neck. Treating him like a tortured beast, Jack whips Elliot and orders him to lick the filthy toilet bowl and the floor. Then Jack crushes Elliot’s soft cock under his work boot. Elliots cries are deafening, but Jack keeps snarling and spitting abuse and degradation at the fey man. Dildo training is next, and Jack forces Elliot to sit on an extra fat dildo and stretch his asshole to the max! Elliot howls like he’s going to split in two! Finally, Jack needs to take a piss so he whips out his uncut cock and sprays a stream of dirty urine directly into Elliot’s face, forcing him to dirk every last disgusting drop. If you love to see overwhelming displays of sexual dominance and degradation, you need to be checking out Brutal Tops!


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Hetero Thug terrorized and Anally Violated


It’s time to get another serving of Breederfuckers’ new piece of flesh: Josh, a street tough wannabe who succeeded in pissing off Dave and Adrian to the point he got a no-refusal invitation down to their dungeon. They’ve been humiliating him for hours, and now they get him dressed in sports kit, hoping that changing the outside will change his shitty attitude. If only it were that simple…

With a ballgag in his mouth, Josh gets nose to nose with the King of Perverts, Adrian. Instead of screaming or cursing him, Adrian opts for the more creepy aproach, kissing and licking the ballgag while Josh has no room to recoil. Dave wants in on the action as well, and he bends Josh over and rubs the slave’s face in his crotch while Adrian probes and gropes his wide ass. Josh is squirming and growing frantic, just as Dave and Adrian had hoped. They stand him up, rope his arms behind his back and tether him from a ceiling beam and proceed to turn up the creepiness to 11, peeling off Josh’s clothes and feeling him up like he was a piece of meat. Soon Adrian and Dave are cackling like hyenas while they are wanking Josh’s tiny flaccid penis while he looks away in the distance in abject misery. The humiliating torture session seems to be working. Finally Adrian reveal his favourite toy, the white vibrator that has fucked so many young men, and he tells Josh his tender virgin hole is in for a relentless fucking. Josh tries to scream through his gag but the laughter of the maniacs drowns it out. These pictures are titillating, but they don’t do it justice — Click here to see the full video of this straight thug getting humiliated, violated and penetrated by the Best at


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