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Marko’s Painful BDSM Ordeal continues: GWG “the Redneck” pt 3

The Gay War Games propaganda machine has released another trailer from the series “The Redneck” featuring muscular and thuggish Marko, a working country boy ambushed by homo guerrillas Mecko and Ivan. Part three of the series opens with the soldiers dragging their struggling captive to an abandoned barn in the middle of the woods, stripped naked and gasping for air as Mecko and Ivan duel each other as they force their long cocks down Marko’s throat. The country boy gasps for air, his muscles strain against the handcuffs, and his eyes bulge as their cocks push down his throat — his forced submission is imminent. Strapping him to a table and bending him over, Ivan begins jabbing a finger into Marcko’s ass, and then pulls out a giant black dildo to loosen his virgin hole. Marko grimaces with pain as his asshole is penetrated and violated, but can barely fight as Mecko’s big fat dick is still pumping away in his mouth. More forced oral and sadistic military bondage at Gay War Games!

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Four-way rough bondage fuck and forced cum feeding: New from BrutalTops.com

All is going pretty well for Master Jon at the gym; he’s been scoping out a new potential plaything who has been eying him as well. Jon makes his move, and the mouse takes the bait. Jon strips his victim, now known as “painpig” and uses a shredded t-shirt to blindfold him and plunges his cock deep into his new slave’s ass until the painpig is squealing. The cries of anguish attract attention, and three more horny, raunchy tops apear from the locker room. Seeing the slave tied and blindfolded, how would he know if a few more men to sample hhis ass? The four dom tops line up and each has a go at the broken fuckpig, each fucking his ass breathtakingly roughly. Each of the doms jacks his load into a cup, and the painpig has to sample each batch of sperm and guess which load came from which top. A wrong guess earns him a completely raw fisting, lubed only with the piss of his aggressive masters. An unbelievable sadistic gay bdsm video that I cannot wait to watch again. Watch the entire epic gay bdsm/fisting/humiliation video at BrutalTops.com!

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Twink Lad abused and anally violated at CMNM.net

It’s time to catch up with Dimi at CMNM.net…when we last saw him, he was getting stripped and groped and jeered at by three of his professors. Now, the mind games and mental domination continues, as the three old perverts bend over the meek twink and start probing his asshole. Dimi betrays his fearful facade, and his dick starts to grow hard, causing the tormentors to seize upon this vulnerability with fresh ferocity, fucking his virgin asshole with a thick dildo. Dimi has a look of total shock on his face when his ass is penetrated, and his captors continue to torture and jeer him. Enter here to see the full video detailing Dimi’s humiliating ordeal at the hands of his perverted professors.

brit twik dominated and taught to take a dildo

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Smartass sub roped, groped and gangfucked

Van Darkholme continues to be putting out exceptional videos every week at BoundInPublic.com, a new project over at KinkMen. Basically taking the awesome concept at Bound Gods and putting it out in the public: bars, theatres, cafes, etc, the intensity of seeing the bondage spectacle in front of a crowd heightens the experience for everyone. Halloween is proving to be a good time of year for fans of Bound in Public, as this week’s video features Sweet, sexy and mouthy sub Shane Frost led into a dark circle for a sacrifice ritual. His masters make sure all of the party-goers have a chance to get a handful of Shane’s gorgeous ass and hard cock and that the slave properly welcomes everyone by burying his face in their crotch if they wish. After an opening round of humiliating greetings, Van Darkholme starts bringing the pain with the whip and the cane, turning Shane’s ass a fiery red, and many of the masters have their cocks out for Shane to start applying his oral talents. Fucked, groped, spanked and bound, Shane’s public BDSM ordeal is epic and unbelievable. Enter here to see more video of this tattooed hardbody getting roped groped and fucked and BoundInPublic.com.

Bonus: site members can PM Van Darkholme with requests to attend future shoots…its that easy!

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Brutal Tops force ass worship

The men of Brutal TOps have decided to form a company and charge money for their services. For a fee, they will barge into your home or place of business, insult your furnishings and decor, strip you naked and force you to worship their asses in the most humiliating and degrading way possible. In this promotional video for the service, the men of Brutal Tops force their meek and grovelling client to sniff their stinking armpits and then move down to inhale the odors from their nasty asses. The client starts to retch and recoil, but the tops shove him by the back of the head and force him to rim out the hairy, musky assholes. While the top is being forced to give a rimjob, the other tops encourage him by whipping his backside with a leather belt. When they finally grant a reprieve from his forced rimjob hell, the Brutal Tops allow him to swish his mouth out with a spray of their hot piss. Enter here to see all of the gory details and humiliating tasks the Brutal Tops force their slaves to perform.

sadistic tops force meek bootom slave to worship their asses

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Pornstar Ennio Guardi sucks and whips his bound twink slave

Hot Pornstar Ennio Guardi is one of my favourite European performers…I could watch his toned, muscular body and that thick, rigid cock all day. But I don’t recall seeing him in too many fetish shoots, which made my cock jump today when I saw his handsome face in the new trailer for GangsterFuck.com. Now, mea culpa, I know this is the third episode in Ennio’s series, but I guess I haven’t been paying close enough attention this summer. So in the trailer, shit is going down…Ennio caught a thief trying to steal his wallet and now he’s got the terrified twink cornered in an alley with his hands tied. The twink, Benni, is straight and has never been touched sexually by an man, and Ennio is having a terrific time making him squirm…stripping him naked and fondling his little cock. Benni flushes with shame and it looks like the tears are going to start rolling when he starts growing a hard-on, and Ennio grins like the devil and starts sucking his cock. Benni whimpers and pleas for freedom, but Ennio stuffs a sock in the pathetic twink’s mouth and turns him around for punishment. After slicing his remaining clothes off, Ennio takes off his belt and starts whipping the poor lad. Benni is definitely never going to steal again, because he might not be able to walk again after Ennio is done with his ass! Click here to see the full video archive of hot pornstar Ennio Guardi tormenting this twink and wrecking his ass with his hard 10 inch cock.

pornstar Ennio Guardi sucks and whips his bound twink slave

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