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Rubber man endures cock torture

I hope you enjoy a bit of a change of pace…here’s some heavy rubber encasement fetish plus CBT for your enjoyment. This 24/7 bondage player is Gumbi, and this is a quick peak at him trying out his new custom sleepsack with conveniently located Access points. His bondage buddy Richard Hunter is quick to take advantage of his helplessness by pulling out Gumbi’s cock and squeezing it into leather cock rings, getting him hard and then punishing his cock with a riding crop and then a flogger. Richard is relentless and Gumbi tries to struggle as he is deprived of all sensation except for his exposed, naked, erect cock. Click here to see the full set of photos plus video from these over-the-top bondage CBT enthusiasts!

rubber man endures cock torture

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Hardcore Gay Mummification Bondage

Ed invited a guest to the Serious Bondage Institute with a very short window of time to experience some extra heavy bondage. From the moment he hit the front door he was primed and ready for some mummification action. Ed started with vet wrap, then pallet wrap, and finished with a full layer of duct tape. Soon he was breaking out the bondage board and a full array of Mr.S leather straps. This is a real bondage session between real lifestlye BDSM players as only available from Serious Male Bondage

Hardcore gay mummification bondage

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Soldier trainee Roped and fucked

Private Harry has endured a lot since he enlisted in the army, but nothing like the last two hours with his new, savage, drunk commander. After getting tightly roped in the fetal position, Commander Max, rams a dildo up Harry tight hole and then jacks his load into Harry’s ear! How fucking rude! After Max gets his load off, he wraps his subordinate in plastic wrap and works his cock, teasing him tortuously until he allows the recruit to finally release his load of hot sperm. Check out the entire humiliating bondage experience in full at GayWarGames.com

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twink military trainee gets abused by his commander

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Bear Cub CBT & mummification

Ed is an enthusiastic bear cub bondage sub. He loves surrendering control of his body to the cruel whims of his masters. In this session, the chubby fetishist is suspended in chains and mummified in plastic wrap, helpless while twisted perverts have their way with Ed’s hard cock. They use zip ties to pinch and choke Ed’s thick cock, turning it a very appealing shade of purple. Check out Ed’s mummification bondage and his rock hard CBT erection inside.

Chubby bear cub mummified in plastic and cock tortured

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Have fun trying to sleep tonight…

Mark from SeriousMaleBondage.com just sent me a few creepy images I couldn’t keep to myself. Straight jackets are sexy, but dead-eyed masks? Chills and creeps. I hope I don’t have nightmares tonight.

creepy straightjacket bondage pic

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Serious Mummification Bondage

Revenge of the Rubber Man!

Revenge of the Rubber Man

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