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Straight lad Joel reaches peak torture intensity

Joel’s torment at is about to reach new depths. He’s genuinely pissed off and angry with Adrian, who blissfully goes about his business roping the straight slave’s wrists and ankles and then caning Joel’s inner thighs and bare feet. Joel howls like a trapped animal, even trying to bite Adrian, who simply removes the threat by stuffing a gag in the straight lad’s mouth. Adrian’s an old hand at topping these straight boys in the most extreme BDSM scenes. He uses clothespegs to clamp Joel’s nipples, scrotum and foreskin; Joel’s genitals are roped and tied from above, stretching Joel’s junk, especially his foreskin to painful and barely tenable limits. Joel continues to wail and scream through his gag, and Adrian uses his new access to Joel’s hole to slam a fat dildo deep into the slave. Joel thrashes and Adrian finally removes the gag, getting an earful of curses, threats and bile. Such a dirty mouth is not tolerable to Adrian, and he shows Joel how to behave by washing his mouth out with soap, like he was a little schoolboy. It’s a fantastic slave training video and is available for download here.

Straight lad Joel reaches peak torture intensity

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Relentless Sadists Dehumanize and Fuck their Jock Slave


Dave and Adrian are extremely happy to have another go at big black stud Joseph. They let him wriggle off the hook a few weeks ago and he seems to pick up the pieces and get on with his life after being extremely violated and humiliated. They found Joseph again at the basketball court and snatched him back to the dungeon for systematic degradation, humiliation and torture. Adrian gags the black slave and rips off his clothing, allowing the bald sadist to grope Joseph’s big, full balls. David takes a big heavy leather strap and beats the black stud’s ass mercilessly until Joseph is crying begging for him to stop. Adrian cackles like a nutter and shoves a big thick dildo up Joseph’s shitter and keeps pushing it deeper even as Joseph cries and drools through his gag. Dave keeps punishing Joseph’s ass with the leather strap and Adrian rigs a heavy bowling ball to a rope and swings it off of Joseph’s stretched cock. Dave and Adrian kick the ball to make Joseph howl and keep ramming the dildo deeper up his stretched black ass. Click here to watch the full video of this relentless gay torture cruelty at BreederFuckers.


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More brutal locker room bdsm and humiliation

Brutal Tops is here to give you incentive to get off the couch an off to the gym this weekend. Maybe you’ll encounter macho thug doms Terrance and Peter this weekend and they’ll be gracious enough to give you a personal training session. Check out their fitness demo in this trailer: Their client is made to do pushups and he gets a lash for each good one he does, with some bonus bootlicking for extra humiliation training. Next up is sit-ups, with Terrance and Peter taking turns bending over and getting a hot ass licking every time their slave hits the top of the move. Finally. get ready to feel the burn, as they get the sleave positioned for Squats over a huge dildo. He’s gotta go down and take that dildo up his ass and then get up and get a reward from crazy animal Terrance. Click here to check out these sadistic dom thugs terrorizing this agonized bottom slut at!

brutal thugs torture and abuse slave in the locker room

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Straight Man lured into painful BDSM punishment

Sorry for the delay adding this week’s Straight Hell update, but OMG, I became obsessed with the latest victim, and I lost all track of time watching and rewatching his seduction, capture and torment. Straight Hell top Dave went out on the street posing as a photographer searching for male models. After spying Terry and seeing what a narcissistic young muscle stud he is, all Dave had to do was ply him with a few cheap compliments on his body and his clothes, and the dim hottie was on the hook thinking he was about to become the next Beckham. After getting back to the studio and playing up the fantasy of really conducting a photo shoot, Dave ropes his prey and stuffs a gag in his mouth before ripping the clothes of his back. Terry struggles mightily but cannot break free as Dave caresses hi flesh, twists his nipples to the extreme and sucks off the sub’s long cock. Dave attacks Terry with the flogger, whipping him mercilessly, leaving him terrified at what the crazy tosser is going to do next! Enter here to see more video of petrified Terry wracked with pain in this horny new gay bdsm scene!

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Pushing your slave to the limit

Nick Moretti has a great version of the classic player/coach porn scenario. he’s the hard-ass disciplinarian, Blake Daniels is the underachieving player made to jog laps and do pushups in his jockstrap. After a hard workout, Blake hits the showers, and Nick catches his exhausted played playing with himself in the shower. He’s stroking his big hard cock, and Nick drags him out and lays him out over his knee and gives him an old-fashioned OTK spanking and fingers his asshole. Nick teaches Blake that if he wants to masturbate, he needs to learn control, and he does this by bringing him up to the edge of orgasm, and then backing off, denying him orgasm over and over again. By the end, Blake is twisted in knots and begging for release when Nick fucks his ass. Click here to see Nick and Blake’s classic gay bondage orgasm denial video at!

Nick Moretti punishes Blake Daniels

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Straight Sex slave Lukas gets a hardcore torture lesson

Hairy lad Lukas is finding no relief in his ordeal with Adrian and Dave in this hot bondage video from the newly re-branded…The two menacing tops have led the hotel bellboy to the basement for old school physical torment. Adrian gets the young man roped up and tethered to the ceiling…he’s naked and Adrian has tied up his balls but left his dick swinging freely. Dave starts stroking Lukas’s cock, teasing him to get him hard and soon the stimulation yields results. Lukas is mortified that his body has betrayed him and has sprouted an erection at the hands of a piggish thug like Dave, but before he has too long to feel the shame, both tops start whipping him with animalistic ferocity using leather floggers. Adrian continues the torture, squeezing Lukas’s hairy nipples into torture clamps and pushing fingers and vibrators into his tight, virgin asshole. Dave continues to unleash hell with the flogger, winding up like a tennis champion before running several step to deal the winning blow: a hard forehand shot right across the abdomen that leaves a giant ugly, red welt on Lukas’s hirsute torso. Click here to get the rest of the gay BDSM video plus the complete StraightHell archive at the new

straight Sex slave Lukas gets a hardcore torture lesson

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