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New Straight Hell Trailer — Kyle painfully bound and tortured

Straight and strapping young Kyle had no idea what he was in for when he accepted Dave and Mo’s invitation to ‘party’. Imagining brewskis and coeds, Kyle should have done his homework on our favorite sadistic tops, because he quickly finds himself trussed up and blindfolded, completely at their mercy. With a dental gag in his mouth and clamps on his cock and nipples, Kyle has Mo’s cock forced into his mouth, unable to get away as Dave holds him firmly in Mo’s lap. The twisted pair get a leash on Kyle and take turns whipping his naked body, glistening with sweat from strain and pain. Finally, Kyle gets a humiliating bondage cool-down, as Dave and Mo cover him with piss. Enter here to see the full-length video of Kyle’s brutal BDSM ordeal at Straight Hell

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Russian Stud fucks helpless bound twink

Have you guys seen Hannibal yet? Like a Norse God emerging from the frozen North, he seems to have descended, fully formed and ready to destroy or fuck everything in his path. So lucky have we been to watch his exploits with twink snitch boy Rene. Hannibal has chained and whipped this young pup into whimpering submission, and his final act is to permanently mark his conquest. Rene is strapped to a sawhorse in the dungeon, roped off at the ankles and wrists, naked ass pointing straight up in the air. Hannibal jams his rock hard hog into Rene’s virgin asshole, pumping him like an animal, eager to punish and dominate as much as possible. Rene moans and struggles, but freedom is no where to be found. Hannibal withdraws and shoots a massive dump of cum all over Rene’s face, utterly glazing him and leaving him in a stupor. Hannibal takes a few parting shots, swatting him in the face with his cock like he’s swinging a billy club. To finish the humiliating ordeal, Hannibal re-ties Rene so all he has is one free hand and he commands the twink to jerk off for his amusement. After Rene splatters his cum across his own naked chest, Hannibal walks away laughing, leaving the naked twink cold and covered in sperm. Enter here to see rugged sex god Hannibal utterly owning and humiliating bondage slave twink Rene in full HD video

broken twink takes a hard anal pounding from his hulking new BF

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Awesome display of public flogging

Naked and in tight bondage, sexy stud Cameron Adams is dragged through the cheering crowd of thousands like a dog and humiliated at Folsom Street Fair. Many people take photos and grope the tied up boy. After enduring some hard flogging, nipple and ball punishment and a crawl through the toilets, he’s dragged to a back yard party. The horned up guests shove their cocks down his throat, gang fuck his tight little hole, and cover him in cum like the street trash he is. It’s the best Folsom Street Fair ever! Enter here to see more video of this intense public gay bondage orgy at BoundInPublic.com!

Nude Gays paraded and punished in a crowded street

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Terrified straight jock Vasia being fucked into submission

Demonic top Dave has totally hit the jackpot with recent immigrant Vasia. Lured into the back room of a pub by Dave for a little gamesmanship, Vasia was completely overwhelmed by Dave’s brute force, and now he lies roped on top of the pool table, whimpering to be released, but Dave is fixed on his virgin asshole and getting ready to fuck the immigrant raw and unlubed. Well, Vasia gets a courtesy gob of spit on his asshole before Dave rams his throbbing hard prick right to the hilt. To gag the screams of the pain-wracked Slav, Dave stuffs his mouth with a dildo on a stick. Vasia handles the dong in his mouth so well, Dave orders him to suck his cock ATM, soon shooting a hot wad of cum across the slobbering straight lad’s face. Enter here to see more video of Vasia’s tragic humiliation and gay BDSM nightmare at BreederFuckers.com!

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Rough Bondage Fucking & Punishment

It is a little bittersweet that Gay War Games has sent out its last trailer for “the Redneck”…it’s an amazing series of episodes and trailers featuring incredibly hot Euro stud Marko, as well as the purest, naked savagery of the GWG homo commandos on display. Ivan and Mecko have not held anything back as they punished, humiliated, dominated and degraded farmboy Marko until he is not basically a raw piece of meat that they are vigorously fucking with their giant nasty cocks. It’s been an amazing gay bdsm story, but its sad to come to the end. Ivan shines in this trailer, squat humping Marko and then blowing a huge load in his face, and Mecko gets very dirty taking Ivan’s anal sloppy seconds from the bound slave and then pissing in his face. Click here to see Marko’s degrading BDSM ordeal at GayWarGames.com

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Brutal Tops know everything about degrading worthless subs

Master Daryl has a great new boi whore he’s planning on selling to a gang of Russian pimps, but he can’t resist partying down with the merchandise before making the sale. He gets the terrified twink into his gym and orders him to strip naked and give him a sexy lap dance. The twink is terrified beyond belief and cannot muster anything close to sexy, and Master Daryl unleashes a rain of ferocious blows with his riding crop. Daryl flicks cigar ashes in the twink’s face, gobs spit and beer all over him and smears food all over his body. Daryl is unbelievably cruel deviant and his horrible perversions are on full display in this shocking gay bdsm video. Download the shocking, offensive new public gay BDSM videos from Brutal Tops.

Brutal Tops know everything about degrading and dominating worthless subs

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