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Master Avery’s Bondage Lesson

Van Darkholme made a fantastic choice for dom top in this week’s BoundGods update: Master Avery makes his landmark debut to much acclaim and makes Leo Forte experience extreme suffering. The scene starts with some humiliating bootlicking to set the tone, and then Avery gets Leo trussed up and hung upside down to break his will with hot wax torment and nipple play. Avery shakes his fat cock in Leo’s face and keeps pouring on the pain. Avery shows his expertise with the flogger, whipping Leo with a pair he wields like ninja swords. Leo writhes in agony, trying to break away, but Avery shows no mercy or weakness and keeps applying the pain and pressure. Avery proves brilliant and Leo serves him very well. Enter here to check out their entire hot Bondage and disciple session in Hi Def!

What are BoundGods.com users saying about this set?

WOOOOOW! Amazing! What a hot pairing! Avery is a really son of a bitch and a natural dom – and Leo is a fantastic sub!

This Dom brings something quite different and special to the site. It will be interesting to see how others respond. Please let Master Avery loose on the Christian Wilde/Tommy Defendi wannabes and give them a real education.

Fantastic. A real dom and a boy that loves to please. I didn’t think Leo was going to be able to take much during the initial interview, but boy did he prove me wrong. He was just a beautiful sub that really took everything Master Avery gave him.

It made me want to kneel at Master Avery’s feet. The wax scene was awesome, so hot (no pun intended!) Leo suffered so beautifully, I could have watched him for hours, moaning and squirming. I also loved the fuck horse and the caning.

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Josh West stars in mechanic shop bondage fuck video

Josh West tops BoundGods.com rookie Clayton Kent in this messy, gorgeous, non-stop action bondage fuckfest. Shot in a mechanic shop, Clayton is fabricating a set of custom steel restraints for a customer when fellow craftsman Josh asks him for a demo. Clayton shows his fellow kinkster how the restraints work, but it’s too late. He’s trapped and Josh flashes him a devilish grin letting him know it’s going to be a long afternoon. Josh strips Clayton naked and gags him with his massive cock. Josh is incredibly rough in the blue collar location and Clayton is tossed around like a helpless ragdoll. After letting his slave boy get a feel of his giant dick in his ass, Josh positions Clayton above a specially rigged vise and starts squeezing the slave’s testicles. Clayton is getting hysterical and Josh amps up the anxiety, stroking his cock and getting him hard, sucking clayton’s dick until he’s on the verge of cumming and then denying him orgasm but tightening the vise on his balls. While Clayton is trapped in the vise Josh entertains himself by letting the slave suffer the pain of a traditional paddling, but after a quick amusement, Josh remembers there are far more exciting tools to play with. This shop curiously has an air driven dildo drill which Josh uses to torture Clayton’s ass, driving the slave pig wild with stimulation. Finally Josh dumps several quarts of motor oil all over the prone slave and the pair roll around and fuck and suck like crazy until they are just a filthy, tangle mess of muscle oil and cum. Click here to watch the full length (75 min!) mechanic shop bondage fuckfest!

Josh West stars in mechanic shop bondage fuck video

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Straight Jock screams and cries during Bondage Punishment

Dream Boy Bondage really picked a winner when they plucked Perry out of the locker room and bamboozled him into showing up for a video shoot. The straight jock, in his very early 20s is incredibly vocal about pain and has the most violent reaction to his ass-whipping. Good thing he’s shackled to a saw-horse with nowhere to run! His tormentor, Cole, lashes his muscular buttocks with a 7′ single tail whip, giving his ass and lower back the painful red-and-white zebra stripe, and every time the whip tears at Perry’s flesh he screams and curses. Make sure you turn down the volume if you’re watching at work! Finally Perry thinks his ordeal is over, but Cole starts taunting him with a long rubber cock: “This thing is going in your ass,” he threatens, and Perry yells “Don’t come near me with that!,” but his cries are just helpless, no matter how much rage he vents. Cole lubes the dildo and starts ramming it in, slow and hard. Perry struggles but can’t escape and eventually submits to the fucking. Cole smirks triumphantly and readies himself for the next phase of the torture. Click here to see the full videos of Perry’s cruel CP training and forced dildo fucking at DreamBoyBondage.com.



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Gay War Games: the Banker pt2, Oral humiliation

GayWarGames has released another male/male bdsm propaganda video, featuring Italian hardbody Gianfranco, previously picked up off the side of the road by Mecko and Ivan. After stripping and roping their captive in the first trailer, the action in pt 2 picks up with Gianfranco roped at the wrists on on his knees in the back of the guerrillas pickup truck. The soldiers force the Italian to deepthroat their hard cocks until he’s too weary to resist. The straight man gags over and over as Mecko pumps hard dick down his throat, and at the same time, fiendish Ivan starts lubing Gianfranco’s asshole with his saliva, probing inside him with his fingers, stretching out that virgin asshole for a hard fucking. Gianfranco’s smooth round ass gets fucked for the first time as he is roped into submission, pleasuring another soldier with his mouth. Click here to see the entire video chronicling sexy Gianfranco’s capture and defilement at GayWarGames.com

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Caged Lad gets Whipped Hard

Birthday Boy Daniel has been having quite the ordeal for his 21st. He’s been locked up and abused; cruelly tortured and molested. Now he finds himself locked in a cage filled with fear and waiting for what his demented captors have in store for him. He is still clad in his lime green underwear which only seems to signal “go go GO” to the monsters holding him hostage. After hours of lockup, they pull him out of the cage and lay him down on a spanking bench and lock in his wrists and ankles. Helpless and immobilized, Daniel feels the creeping fingers over his ass…his prized underwear is cut off, exposing his hairy asscrack. After his captor feels the flesh a bit more, Daniel is subjected to a very hard spanking with a narrow leather lash. Each crack of the leather across his buttock jolts him and he tries to stifle his screams. Finally the torturer takes a break and the pain starts to subside, but the dread creeps back in as the meaty hand returns to strat probing his virginal straight asshole. Click here to watch Daniel’s entire captivity and Bondage punishment series at DreamBoyBondage.com


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So everyone is doing Parody Porn now…

Yes parody porn has reached even my beloved perverts at Straight Hell…read this carefully, or the clip below will confuse you, although it will still arouse the hell out of you. This clip introduces Billy, a young fitness entrepreneur. He’s trying to impress Adrian and Dave, stoic investors on the cleverly titled “Bragon’s Ben”. Of course, his demonstration is interrupted and instead of hearing his pitch on a new kind of rowing machine, Dave and Adrian lock him in manacles and tether him to the floor. Shocked, the fit young soccer player tries to fight his way free, shouting and cursing at the perverted sodomites. Laughing, they cut off his clothes with scissors and stuff his underwear into his mouth to gag him. Dave and Adrian whip his ass to a raw pulp with a leather flogger and then they take turns fucking him bareback in his virgin ass until they spray him with their hot cum. Billy is actually crying from the pain and humiliation of getting his ass fucked for the first time, and presumably not by being tricked by the lowest rent “millionaire investor” reality gameshow knockoff ever. Enter here to see Billy’s excruciating full gay bondage and anal fucking debut video.

young hetero stud manacled and tortured by sadistic gays

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