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Bully soldiers force-feed cock to suspected spy

I hope everyone is in the mood for brawny soldiers getting fucking wild on some innocent, wide eyed lad who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Buff soldier Frank has captured a lad outside the base and is sure he has caught an enemy spy. Brent, the young prisoner, swears he’s innocent, but Frank and his ling-haired comrade have been brutalizing him for hours to get the truth. Now the soldiers strip him naked and bend his legs over his head and spread his ass wide apart. While Frank holds the wretched lad still, the other soldier shaves his asscrack and hole clean. It stings like a bastard, but nothing prepares Brent for the pain when Frank pours chemical all over his tender ass, right into the hole! Frank’s cock is hard as a bastard and he rams it up Brent’s burning ass, and the slave-boy howls in pain. Frank and his mate want their dicks sucked, and they order Brent to work their shafts, but he refuses. Frank smacks him around and forces his swollen cock deep into Brent’s throat, pumping him until he gags and chokes. Brent gags and coughs and spits up bile, but now he is feeling much more submissive and pliant. Click here to watch the complete gay military bondage video here.

Bully soldiers force feed cock to suspected spy

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