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Gay War Games: the Banker pt2, Oral humiliation

GayWarGames has released another male/male bdsm propaganda video, featuring Italian hardbody Gianfranco, previously picked up off the side of the road by Mecko and Ivan. After stripping and roping their captive in the first trailer, the action in pt 2 picks up with Gianfranco roped at the wrists on on his knees in the back of the guerrillas pickup truck. The soldiers force the Italian to deepthroat their hard cocks until he’s too weary to resist. The straight man gags over and over as Mecko pumps hard dick down his throat, and at the same time, fiendish Ivan starts lubing Gianfranco’s asshole with his saliva, probing inside him with his fingers, stretching out that virgin asshole for a hard fucking. Gianfranco’s smooth round ass gets fucked for the first time as he is roped into submission, pleasuring another soldier with his mouth. Click here to see the entire video chronicling sexy Gianfranco’s capture and defilement at GayWarGames.com

More Gay War Games BDSM — Forced Oral Punishment

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