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Muscleman cowed into submission and debased by jeering superiors

Beefy straight man Allen has been working for a private security firm since 2009. It’s his first job in this field and he feels intimidated by more experienced men in the company. They take a lot of pleasure hazing the rookie, and Allen knows he has to take the abuse to keep the job. If he quits, he’s finished in the industry and its back to being a nightclub bouncer for minimum wage. So he’s called into his supervisor’s office for a meeting, and three executives mock him and humiliate him, force him to strip to ostensibly search for signs of drug use, and then they demand a semen sample for testing. Straight tough-guy Allen has to stand there while he is wanked by another man, while the jeering rings in his ears. After he is brought to climax, his boss forced him to eat his own spunk as his degradation hits a terrible low. Enter here to see more humiliating video of shamed straight man Allen teased, mocked and harassed by his superiors at CMNM.net!

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Brutal Top 3 doms butally punish and humiliate terrified slave

Brutal Top Master Chris has the strength and stamina of a thoroughbred racehorse, but he also has an utterly sadistic character from playing hardcore rugby and police training in South Africa. Master Chris wields his power to humiliate and crush men for his own selfish pleasure. This athletic, dominant man enjoys stripping men naked, brutally punishing them and fucking them hard. In the latest Brutal Tops session Master Chris conspires with Master Dave to snatch a hapless redheaded bottom off the street. In the back of the van the two grope him, feel him up and ram his face into their crotches. Thrust into a lock up his torment continues as Master Maurice joins them in sexually humiliating him further and photographing his degradation so they can blackmail him. Enter here to watch more video of these 3 terroristic thug doms brutally fucking and punishing their hostage at BrutalTops.com!

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Straight family man is doing his best to impress the deans at the boy’s school he hopes to get his son into. They has already stripped and groped him, jeering him for being such poor white trash, but now they are spreading his asscheeks and inserting multiple fingers up his ass, stretching his hole, and finally jamming home a huge dildo, making Terry deeply shamed and humiliated. The horny perverts mercilessly jeer and insult him, berating him into submission under the threat of forever blacklisting his family. It’s a choice of providing for the family, so Terry meekly submits to the raunchy, domineering men. Enter here to see the full video detailing Terry’s humiliating ordeal at the hands of his raunchy supervisors.

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