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Super Hero in Peril: The Moral Keeper faces endless cock torture

The Men On Edge series at Kinkmen.com keeps veering into new territory. After showing off stunning outdoor locations for their edging/bondage videos, they have moved into the realm of sci-fi for what looks to be the foreseeable future with their new “Super Heroes in Peril” series. Van Darkholme is featured as the evil Edgemaster (more in him later) and he has captured young stud Will Parks aka The Moral Keeper for torture, punishment and humiliation. Basically the porn world is going apeshit over the retro/futuristic spaceship bondage set that Kink is rolling out with this scene. Very original Star Trek vibe, and Will is perfect in his spandex costume, his enormous cock standing erect and trying to withstand the teasing and torment inflicted by Van Darkholme. After he’s warmed the hero up with a magic wand, Van unleashed the heavy artillery…he’s got a Fleshjack mounted on a Fucksall and he gives Will 1000 rpm of high intensity friction on his engorged cock. Will is barely able to contain himself and he begs for Van to let him cum, But the Edgemaster has another machine that the Moral Keeper must survive before he is allowed to release his juice. Van uses another fucking machine to ram Will’s hot hole while he cranks his cock with his fist, finally allowing the frenzied young super hero to dump his huge load of cum all over the spaceship floor. Personally, I give this scene an A grade, but if they are going to use it a lot more, I want to see some more impressive costumes on Van…I think perhaps something more General Zod would be appropriate in this setting. Click here to watch more videos from this intense super hero bondage and edging scene.

Gay Super Hero Peril Bondage
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