Thor Larsson could take the planet up his ass!


I’m not exaggerating when I say that Thor Larsson is an exceptionally high-capacity bottom…estimates range that his ass alone accounts for 21% of the earth’s anal penetration. If he could find a series of sexual partners with narrow enough hips, I’m sure he could be fucked by 12-18 men at a time. In this case, it’s just one man, Mack Manus, tasked with the unbelievable task of filling that gaping hole. And he does it very well! The pair start off with a lot of kinky waterplay — Mack pisses into Thor’s mouth and gets it spit back in his face. Classic dirty stuff. Thor climbs into the sling and shows off his rosebud to Mack as well as his stiff erection. Mack bravely stuffs his cock into Thor’s hole and pumps him hard, getting the pump primed and getting Thor’s blood rushing. Thor wants more in his ass than any man’s cock can fill, and Mack tries to satisfy him with an enormous dildo — fourteen inches long and twelve inches in diameter at its widest point…check out the screengrab below:


I think they would call that the Widow Maker under most circumstances. Anyway, Mack greases that monster up and shoves it into Thor’s cavernous hole, and Thor effortlessly envelopes the rubber log like a woodchipper devouring a tree trunk. Still he’s ordering more. Mack crams in four fingers and then he pounds on the base with his fist tom make sure Thor’s feeling every millimeter. Thor taunts Mack, saying his best isn’t good enough to satisfy a bottom like him, and Mack lubes both fists and plunges his right arm in as far as it will go, past the wrist and all the way up to the forearm! Finally Thor is in satisfaction mode and Mack continues fucking him with arm until their both ready to cum. Mack pulls out and unleashes another shower of piss all over Thor and then they both shoot thick, hot loads all over Thor’s spent body. This one was like a grueling grudge match between two exceptional fighters, except we won and repeatedly showered ourselves in victory celebrations (ejaculate). Click here to watch the entire extreme fisting and pissing video at Titan Rough!


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