Thug loves using CBT to bully twinks

Brash thug Thor is a Russian criminal who never outgrew his love of being the schoolyard bully. He uses the same tactics to enforce compliance with his criminal demands that he used to extort lunch money from his terrified fellow students. He uses overwhelming force, pain, humiliation and fear to get what he wants. His victim Dennis is a slight, gawky teenager who has no hope of besting Thor in a fight. He would love to surrender and hopefully run away to safety, but Thor wants him to suffer both physical pain and mental anguish. He has the lad roped at the wrists and gagged with duct tape, then he slashes his shirt to ribbons, leaving him standing naked in the cold. Thor mocks Dennis’ tiny uncut penis…it too seems to be cowering in fear and trying to escape. Thor runs a rope around Dennis’ micro cock and balls and yanks hard, cruelly stretching and twisting the twink slave’s tender genitals. Finally, in an act of triumphant degradation, Thor steals one of Dennis’ shoes and tapes it over his face, forcing the slave to inhale his own nasty foot odor while enduring his endless agonizing torture. Click here to watch the entire video of Thor’s amazingly cruel BDSM fantasies.

thug bully ropes and tortures pathetic twink

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