Toilet Slave’s humiliating punishment

Adrian from Straight Hell has released another clip from his home movie collection featuring his training session with ill-mannered pervert Danny. As previously posted, Danny the plumber got caught sniffing Adrian’s daughter’s panties out of the laundry bin, and Adrian is making sure this rude wanker never commits such a lewd act of privacy invasion again! In this clip, Adrian has dragged naked Danny into the bathroom for some humiliating punishment. Tossed salad is on the menu and Danny has to help himself to a big mouthful! Adrian forces the dirty plumber’s face into his stinking asscrack and demands that he rim him out nice and clean. Clean the pipes, fucker, isn’t that what you are supposed to be good at? The toilet slave is nowhere near finished though. Straight Danny is forced to hold Adrian’s dick in his mouth while his dom top takes a piss. Danny does a terrible job aiming the stream and ends up having to lick up all of the spilled piss from the toilet and the floor with his mouth! Adrian is a fucking brutal animal when it comes to administering punishment. Enter here to see the full toilet slave humiliation video exclusively from!

fearsome top Adrian humiliates straight lecher Danny

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