Young Daniel is an extreme sexual sadist

Mark has gotten himself in a terrifying situation…he was trying to sell his car and his ad attracted the attention of a maniac, someone who was looking to find someone to hurt and shame. Daniel used Mark’s basic price negotiation as an excuse to go crazy, and now he has hauled the young man to his attic, and he is able to completely vent his animal rage on the young fucker in private. Mark is tied to a ladder and Daniel beats his ass, thighs and back with a cane. Tiring of his captive’s cries, Daniel grabs a roll of plastic wrap and wraps it around Mark’s head, hoping to shut the whimpering slut up, but he realizes his plan might backfire when the twinky lad cannot breathe. Daniel finally relents and tears a hole in the plastic, but also uses the curved end of his cane as a makeshift anal hook, ramming up Mark’s virgin asshole and trying to use it to lift him off the ground. Mark is on the verge of collapse, and Daniel pushes him on the ground and continues to use the cane to beat him and choke him. This video is extremely serious bondage and sadism, click here to watch the complete episode for yourself.

out of control thug plays suffocation games with terrified victim

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