Young doctor Rob roped and forced to take it hard in the shitter

Things are heating up at BreederFuckers with Dave and Adrian’s cruel and morbid examination of young doctor Robert. The promising physician is roped to an exam table on his hands and knees, a surgical gown offering the flimsiest pretense of protection and dignity. His balls swing free and his ass is like a ripe piece of fruit ready to be devoured. Dave, curiously enough, is concerned that the young doctor is properly hydrated, so before continuing the examination, he lets a torrent of hot piss spray into young Rob’s mouth, ordering him to drink it up, while Adrian readies Rob’s virgin hole for a probing with his dildo mounted on a stick. Rob moans and pleas for mercy while Adrian pounds his hole, his lamentations earn him several lashes with Adrian’s cane, until an ugly, unsightly welt surfaces on his bare white buttocks. Dave gleefully joins in, caning Rob across the soles of his feet until the young doctor is broken, teary-eyed and submissive. Click here to watch the full video of Rob’s anal violation and hard caning corporal punishment.

young doctor roped and forced to take it hard in the shitter

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